Are fuel injectors supposed to move?

Are fuel injectors supposed to move?

The injectors will wiggle a little bit. But it should not be a freeplay/slop wiggle, you should feel resistance from the orings as you squish them by wiggling the injectors. If the brass holders are moving as you wiggle it they need to be tightened, that is no good.

Should fuel injectors move?

If you lubed them up, to insert them, which you should have, they will spin. Likely even without lube, they don’t spin when they sit in there a long time, and get dry and stuck in place.

Can you over tighten injectors?

Injectors are often secured with 6 or 8mm studs or bolts. If they are over-tightened, there is a danger that threads will be stripped, or the bolts/studs sheared. Always use a torque wrench to tighten the injector fastners. We may also cause studs or bolts to overstretch and eventually snap, or damage the injector.

How do you install a new Powerstroke injector?

Install Your New Injectors: Liberally coat the new injector (especially around the o-rings) with clean engine oil and carefully place it in the hole. BE CAREFUL NOT TO TERA THE O-RINGS. Once in the hole, give the top of the injector a few sharp blows with your hand to seat it.

How to torque a PowerStroke injector in a Ridin High?

Use a 13mm socket to torque each bolt to 96 in/lb. You will only need to put a few bolts in now. you will see why in a later step. Plug the main engine wire harness back in and reinstall all of the plumbing, etc. that you removed in the first step.

How do you remove an injector on a truck?

Removal: After removing the valve covers and the valve cover gaskets, but before removing any injectors, drain the oil rails by removing the drain plugs inside the valve cover. On 94-97 trucks theyʼre just under where the electrical connectors are on the gasket.

Where to install Split shot injector for 7.3L?

If your injectors are split shot injectors for 1999-2003 7.3L Power Strokes and one of them is an “AE” or “LL” type injector with a blue colored electrical connector on the solenoid, it must be installed in cylinder #8. We will appreciate it if you number your old injectors with their cylinder number.