Are Hibben Knives any good?

Are Hibben Knives any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid design, functionally sound. Great knife, for a production knife. Keeps a nice edge long enough, and due to the steel used, can be given an edge quicker than your harder steels. Comes with a nice thick leather sheath, too.

Does United Cutlery make good knives?

United Cutlery is well known for producing some of the finest blades in the market in recent years. Most of their knives are for collectors, although they can also be used for practical reasons.

Where are Gil Hibben knives made?

The knives shown here are all handmade by Hibben Knives in LaGrange, Kentucky. These are in inventory and available for immediate delivery. You can also order popular models to be custom made for you under the “Made To Order” section.

Who is the creator of the Gil Hibben knife?

Gil Hibben knives are in collaboration with United Cutlery knives. Gil Hibben is a master knife craftsman since the 1950’s and is famous and a knife making legend. He focus his time on producing custom knives but has licensed his famous designs to a factory to be produced for United Cutlery knives.

What kind of sheath does a Hibben knife use?

The classic 14″ blade is constructed from polished stainless steel. Included is a custom leather sheath with Hibben Knives logo. Hibben Silver Shadow. 10″ Overall with a stainless double edge dagger blade. Gray finish wire wrapped handle. Stainless guard and pommel. Black leather belt sheath

How tall is a throwing board from Gil Hibben?

I recently bought this Gil Hibben product when looking for throwing knives. Your best bet is to use a 6’6 high, 4 foot wide, 4-7/8 of an inch thick (the thicker the better) cork board as a throwing board. There will be none worth the money that are pre-made.

What kind of Steel did Gil Hibben use?

Gil pioneered the use of 440c as blade steel that he forged from round stock before he was able to get a manufacturer to make him flat stock and was the first to have a successful mirror polish on knife blades.