Are there any problems with SiriusXM Satellite Radio?

Are there any problems with SiriusXM Satellite Radio?

SiriusXM down? Current problems and outages | Downdetector SiriusXM is a radio service that offers satellite radio and online radio channels. Thanks for submitting a report!

Where is Pop Rocks now on XM Radio?

Pop Rocks, the pop alternative station, moved from Channel 17 to Channel 12. With that change, people who were tuning into the channel for Z100, which used to be on Channel 12, were caught off guard. Instead of tuning into the channel to listen to Z100, listeners were left confused and a bit angry. Article continues below advertisement

Is the Dave Matthews Band still on Sirius XM?

Sirius XM had a channel refresh on June 18. According to Radio Insight, Sirius XM had a refresh in its channels, something the service does often. Several of its stations switched channels and some new features were added. Dave Matthews Band Radio, which used to be a part of SiriusXM’s rotation, became a permanent fixture.

Why is Z100 no longer on Sirius XM?

The kicker for some seems to be the fact that users paid to be able to use a Sirius XM subscription, some saying being able to listen to Z100 was the only reason they signed up, only to now have it be free on the iHeartRadio app. “.@SIRIUSXM Very disappointed that you guys no longer carry @Z100NewYork on channel 12!”

Is MSNBC on Sirius or XM?

MSNBC will air on SIRIUS channel 90 and XM channel 120. “We welcome MSNBC’s dynamic lineup of shows and hosts to SIRIUS XM,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SIRIUS XM Radio. “At virtually every time of day and evening, MSNBC provides compelling and entertaining commentary and news.

Does XM Radio cover NASCAR?

Throughout Speedweeks, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio offers a full lineup of original talk programming daily that delivers the most in-depth audio coverage of the sport, up-to-the-moment news and analysis, and interviews with NASCAR’s newsmakers.

What is Sirius XM Radio channel?

Sirius XM Radio. Website. SiriusXM: Octane . Octane is an Active Rock radio station on Sirius XM Satellite Radio channel 37 (previously 20) and Dish Network channel 6037. As a part of the Sirius XM Merger, Octane replaced the XM station SquiZZ on XM channel 48 (later moving to 37) and DirecTV channel 835 (until February 9, 2010).

Is the classic rock channel working on SiriusXM?

@delilah1965 @SIRIUSXM the Classic Rock Party channel never works. Always says no internet or signal lost when all other channels are working. Im not going to renew because of this and im considering a consumer complaint to the fcc and Attorney General. @scout5150 @PeteDominick You started progress on SiriusXM, faithful listener, now dean.

When did I unsubscribe to SiriusXM on Feb 26?

@jselam hey @SIRIUSXM , I unsubscribed on Feb 26 and Mar 8. Just received another marketing email from you. Please review your processes, they are not working. No need to reply, I’ll just mark you as spam from now on.

What to do if your Sirius Radio is not working?

SiriusXM radios have been designed to provide you with trouble-free performance without the need for servicing. If your radio does not appear to be functioning properly, please try these helpful troubleshooting tips. Please note, messages displayed on your SiriusXM radio screen may vary slightly from what’s noted below.

Why does my SiriusXM have poor audio quality?

If yes, then your stereo system is likely the culprit behind the poor audio quality. In such a case, you can look into upgrading your stereo system. If everything sounds okay, then the issue probably lies in your SiriusXM system.

Why is my Sirius Radio on the same frequency as my car radio?

During the setup process, your SiriusXM radio was set to broadcast on an FM signal that was unused in your city. As you travel, you may find a radio station also broadcasting on the same frequency. To fix this, you can change the frequency that your SiriusXM radio is using.

Is there a problem with SiriusXM in Tampa?

Signal on radio disappeared about an hour ago . Sirius has been down in my care for 2 hours now. This is now happening fairly regularly. I am in the Tampa, FL area. Anyone else having problems in this area this morning? A week into the ongoing SiriusXM online streaming problem. The service is still down.

Why is my Sirius Satellite Radio not working?

Your SiriusXM radio is acquiring audio or program information from the satellite. This message usually goes away in a few seconds. SiriusXM is updating your Radio with the latest encryption code. Wait until the update is complete. This message may also display when you are trying to tune to a channel that is unavailable or blocked.

Is the SiriusXM radio station still on the satellite?

@80k_0k8 @KenNehmzow @SXM_Help SiriusXM moved the station to internet only–it is no longer being broadcast up to the satellites.

How can I Reset my SiriusXM radio channel?

Turn your SiriusXM radio off, then on, to reset this message. If using a Dock & Play or Portable Radio, remove the Radio from its docking cradle and then reinstall to attempt to reset this message. The channel you’ve selected is not currently broadcasting.

What to do if your SiriusXM antenna is bent?

Make sure the SiriusXM antenna cable is not bent or broken. Turn your SiriusXM radio off, then on, to reset this message. If using a Dock & Play or Portable Radio, remove the Radio from its docking cradle and then reinstall to attempt to reset this message. The channel you’ve selected is not currently broadcasting.

How can I troubleshoot my Sirius XM Radio?

Troubleshooting this issue is easy. You just have to check all the cables between your car’s stereo system and your SiriusXM radio (or adapter) to make sure they’re connected securely. If they are, then check these two things: The SiriusXM radio’s FM mode: Make sure it’s off.

How can I get SiriusXM to work on my car?

Check to make sure your XM radio and your car radio are tuned to the same FM frequency. Make sure all of the cables between your SiriusXM radio and your stereo system are connected firmly and securely. Make sure the FM mode in the SiriusXM Radio is turned Off.

Where are the dead spots on SiriusXM radio?

The most common “dead” places include: Extremely rural areas. Underground parking garages and tunnels. If you’re in an area where your radio should be getting a SiriusXM signal, try refreshing your radio. Your SiriusXM radio works by broadcasting a low power FM signal. You (or your installer) chose the frequency during the set-up process.