Are there rear air controls on a Chevy Tahoe?

Are there rear air controls on a Chevy Tahoe?

Rear air controls just show “OFF” when you try to power them on. I’ll answer them one at a time. This is actually working as designed. The rear air controls are only active when the front fan selector is set to “AUX”. If you have it set to auto it mimics the front temperature. If you set it manually, then it simply runs at the speed you set.

Why does my air conditioner have weak air flow?

The fan is working and the freon level isn’t the issue. Low air flow coming from the vents and it is cool, but weak flow. The pipe has ice on it when running and he suspects it is a blockage/resistance to the coil. Is there a fix outside of replacing the whole unit ($11,000).

Why is my a / C not working in my Ford van?

Rear A/C not working correctly. Hot air blows out of the lower vents along the side wall no matter what position the control selector is in. Vent blows heated air. A/C blows heated air. Heater blows heated air. All out the lower vents. Nothing out the upper (ceiling) vents, even when A/C is selected. The rear blower works and changes speed.

When do you need to change the a / C control unit?

Let me know if that link stops working. If the air conditioning in your car only blows out in one direction, such as the defrost, or at your feet, or head, and no matter what way you turn the knob it always stays at that one particular setting, you need to change the A/C Control Unit. (The potentiometer has gone bad.) This is an easy fix.

Why is my rear AC not turning off?

Today I disconnected both the front seat (near the shifter) and first rear seat controls for the rear AC. It didn’t change anything. I finally removed the fuse under the first rear seat to get it to stop blowing. Less than a year ago I replaced the front blower motor control module because the front speeds weren’t working right.

When does the rear AC blower turn on?

Three years ago I replaced the rear blower motor control module, which caused the rear AC to start working again. That was no fun with such a tight space to try to loosen and tighten nuts in! Since then there has always been, however, an approximate three minute delay for the rear AC blower to turn on.

What’s the difference between the front and rear AC?

The front AC does not seem as cold as the rear AC. Outside temp is a moderate 85F, with 30% humidity. Do you notice this disparity most at idle with the A/C on?

Why is the front AC not blowing cool enough air?

If the front AC is warmer than the rear I would check the valve that allows coolant to circulate through the heater core. Have some in the van adjust the temperature from fully hot to fully cold and watch it move. It is under the hood on the firewall. Here is a picture of it in my 2001 EX.