Can a Cummins ISX stay running long enough?

Can a Cummins ISX stay running long enough?

There is no way I could make it to the cummins shop it wont stay running long enough. It will rev up but no matter at 1600 rpm it will shut down, Got it warmed up to 160 still shut down. Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.

When does the long crank start on a Cummins?

Long….. Long Crank when starting Long….. Long Crank when starting Location:Vancouver, WA. Need your help. I started having the long crank issue 2 months ago. I was still on the original batteries and had read somewhere that as they go they will still turn the engine over but not have enough to send the signal to the fuel system.

Why does my Cummins mile not stay running?

My cummins ISX 832000 mile will not stay running it will start but then shut down. You can start it rate back up but it will shut down like you turned the key off. New filters & clean all posts on battery. was not having a problem when I parked the truck friday went out today to start it up and now I have this facing me.

Why does my Cummins ISX shut down when low on coolant?

Don’t know anything about cummins but with my cats, they are set to shut down if low on coolant or oil pressure. I had an oil pressure sensor go and that is exactly how it would act. Start it up, run for 10 seconds or so (until the ecm recognizes that the oil pressure isn’t coming up I suppose) then shut down. Low on coolant, same thing.

Is there EPA code for Cummins ISX 2007?

I’ve tried googling for codes, but can not find EPA 2007 and up. Everything is 2006 and older. Any help appreciated, thanks. Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. Please Select… I Need CDL Training In CDL School Now CDL Grad, No Experience 1-5 Months 6-11 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5+ Years

Why does my car not Rev past 1, 500 rpm?

It won’t rev past 1,500 and then only at half throttle. When I am running 1,500 rpm and mash it, the engine drops to a constant 1,000 rpm. I have to let it idle and then ease into it again to get it up to 1,500 again.

How much did it cost to clean a 2009 Cummins ISX?

They had it for three days and charged me for 10 hours of labor, $500.00 for the DPF cleaning, a couple gaskets and a clamp, about $1,800.00 out the door. I left, parked for the night and the next morning, drove 180 miles to deliver a load.

How big is the side play of an ISX plunger?

– You can see from the pictures,.. the side-play of the plunger is about 1 – 1.2 thousandths of an inch in the one that is not worn out yet (good one). The bad one has about 3.7 thousandths of an inch side-play.

Is it bad to take a Rawze ISX apart?

Taking them apart and cleaning them out is not a bad idea if you are having idle problems, or are loosing fuel mileage, or have rough idle. If you do decide to take one apart, I thought it would be nice to show the order they are put together from top to bottom. This makes it easier to get one back together the right way.