Does Tassimo have a reusable T DISC?

Does Tassimo have a reusable T DISC?

The My-Cap Reusable Disk for Tassimo T-Disc brewers allows you to fill your own Disc. Fill them with your favorite coffee and reuse them many times before they have to be thrown out. This lowers the cost to brew each cup and also gives you better brews each time.

Are Tassimo T Discs and pods the same thing?

T DISCS are the official TASSIMO pods. They are created by TASSIMO and exclusively compatible with TASSIMO machines. To get the perfect hot drinks from your TASSIMO machine, make sure you use the official T DISCS. Alternative coffee pods from other brand are not compatible with your TASSIMO machine.

How many times can I use a Tassimo disc?

Short answer – use each Tassimo disc just once and then throw it out.

How long are Tassimo DISCs good for?

Please refer to the information on the external T DISC packaging for a best before date. T DISCs are best enjoyed within 6 weeks of opening.

What do you use the Tassimo T Disc for?

Hot beverage connoisseurs appreciate the convenience, quality, and affordable pricing that only the Tassimo T-discs can deliver. The discs are designed to be used solely with the Tassimo Home Brewing System; the extraordinary beverage machine that produces one-cup gourmet coffees and teas. Not to mention traditional hot chocolates as well.

Can you make espresso on a Tassimo T?

Tassimo T discs only work with the Tassimo line of coffee and teas. You can make coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, cappuccinos and other hot beverages. These systems are great for large affairs such as banquets, receptions and parties. Also, making individual cups are great as well because the coffee tastes better.

How much does green tea from Tassimo cost?

Getting 48 servings of Tassimo T-Disc Green Tea will cost you $26.82 before tax and shipping. You’ll receive six packages, or 48 servings, in a single case. With the money you saved you can purchase a charming spinning rack for your T-Discs for $22.45.

What kind of coffee can you get on a T Disc?

As a matter of fact, with T-discs, epicureans have access to a myriad of beverage choices; over forty to choose from. The choices include green and black tea from top brands; hot chocolate made from the finest European chocolate, cappuccino, latte, espresso, various one-hundred percent Arabica coffee roasts, and of course, decaf.