How do I randomize my playlist?

How do I randomize my playlist?


  1. Create another empty playlist.
  2. Go to your playlist that you want to shuffle.
  3. Press Shuffle button.
  4. Start track 1 from your playlist.
  5. Go to Play Queue (this will now show the playlist in a shuffled play queue)
  6. Copy tracks from Play Queue back into your empty playlist.

How do you shuffle a playlist on iPhone?

How to Shuffle All Music on the iPhone

  1. Open the Music app, then tap Library.
  2. Select Songs, then tap Shuffle.
  3. Your randomized playlist starts automatically.
  4. To turn off song shuffling, tap the playback bar to view the full album art.
  5. After you turn off Shuffle, the song list will revert to play alphabetically by artist.

How do you shuffle a playlist on Spotify mobile?

How to turn on shuffle on Spotify using your phone

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Search for the playlist or album that you want to listen to.
  3. Tap the “Shuffle Play” button to shuffle an album or playlist.

What is shuffle playlist?

Shuffle play is a mode of music playback in which songs are played in a randomized order that is decided upon for all tracks at once. Shuffle playback prevents repeated tracks, which makes it distinct from random playback, in which the next track is chosen at random after the last track has ended.

Is there a way to shuffle all playlists on Spotify?

The Shuffle button appears in the pop-up window. Tap the Shuffle button, and the Shuffle icon in the button turns green. If you go to a different playlist, Shuffle is still on. To switch off the Shuffle function, tap the I button again and tap the Shuffle button again to deselect it.

Which button is shuffle on Spotify?

Follow these steps to shuffle tracks on Android: Go to a playlist and tap a track to play it. Press the I button to open a pop-up window, displaying information from that track. The Shuffle button appears in the pop-up window.

How do you Unshuffle a playlist on Spotify?

To turn on Shuffle in desktop, hit the crossed arrows icon just left of the back skip button in the Now Playing bar. It’ll be highlighted green with a green dot underneath if it’s on. To turn it off, just click it again so it appears gray.

How do I shuffle songs on my computer?

Shuffle or repeat songs

  1. Turn shuffle on or off: Click the Shuffle button in the playback controls.
  2. Shuffle albums or groupings: Choose Controls > Shuffle > Albums (or Groupings).
  3. Shuffle the songs in an album: Click Shuffle below the album art.

How does shuffle work on music app?

Your playlist should start to play in a different order. When you turn on shuffle the first time, the songs will keep playing in the same order, over and over, unless you choose to reshuffle them. This is because shuffle puts your songs in a specific order that won’t change unless you tell it to.