How do you remove a front wheel hub assembly?

How do you remove a front wheel hub assembly?

Hub Unit Bearing Removal

  1. Raise vehicle and remove lug nuts and wheel.
  2. Remove the brake caliper and rotor.
  3. Remove the axle nut, using an axle nut socket.
  4. Before removing hub unit, make a note of the proper orientation and positioning of the sensor wire and bearing.
  5. Remove the steering knuckle attachment bolts.

How do you remove a seized hub assembly?

10 Ways to Loosen a Stuck Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

  1. Tap the Back of the Wheel Hub with a Hammer. You can hit the back of the wheel hub with a hammer to loosen it and pull it off.
  2. Remove the Wheel Hub with a Slide Hammer. A slide hammer may also remove the wheel hub.

What causes a wheel hub to get hot?

Hubs will heat up when driving, but if it feels like they are getting too hot, then you will want to look at a few things on your hub. My guess is that the spindle nut is too tight and the added stress on the bearings is overheating the bearings and hub and could be causing damage to the bearings.

How do you remove hub caps on a car?

Once you know for sure you have bolt-on style hub caps, you need to carefully jack up one wheel at a time, removing your lug nuts first, then your hubcap. After replacing your wheel cover up against the wheel, install your lug nuts through the wheel cover onto the studs.

What’s the correct hub cap for a front wheel?

Step 1: Count the number of notches on your wheel and match it to the correct hub cap. Here is a side by side example of a wheel with 5 notches, and a Front Hub Cap with 5 notches to match. If your wheel has 4 notches then it will require a 4 notch cap.

What to do if your wheel hub assembly is broken?

However, if one side wheel hub assembly is broken, both sides on the same axle need to be replaced at the same time. If you notice any roaring or grinding sound coming from the front end of your vehicle, safely drive home and contact a local ASE certified mechanic as soon as possible.

What to do if your hub cap breaks?

You must be very careful to find out if you have “bolt-on” wheel covers. You can look this up in your owners manual or call us at 800-826-5880, and we will be glad to help for free. WARNING: If you try taking off a bolt-on cover with a regular removal tool, your hub cap will break!