How do you set aside a default Judgement NSW?

How do you set aside a default Judgement NSW?

If the court decides to set aside the default judgment, you will need to file a defence. Typically, you will need to do so in a shorter time period, such as 14 days. It is key that you file a defence, otherwise the entire process may start again.

How do you get a default Judgement removed?

You can remove a judgement from your credit report by:

  1. seeking consent from a creditor; or.
  2. applying to a court to set the judgment aside.

How do you set aside a Judgement?

To ask a court to set aside (cancel) a court order or judgment, you have to file a “request for order to set aside,” sometimes called a “motion to set aside” or “motion to vacate.” The terms “set aside” or “vacate” a court order basically mean to “cancel” or undo that order to start over on a particular issue.

What happens if a default judgment is not set aside?

If the court does not set aside the default judgment, your judgment stays in place and you can continue to take action to enforce the judgment. If the default judgment is set aside, the court will usually order the defendant to file a defence within 14 to 28 days.

How to respond to an application to set aside default?

Responding to an application to set aside default judgment – Step by step guide​ ​ ​. ​. Step 1: ​Read the notice of motion form. The court will send you a copy of the notice of motion to set aside default judgment. The application will Step 2: Get legal advice. Step 3: Prepare your own

When to file a defence in a default judgment?

If the court sets aside the default judgment, the registrar will make orders for you to file a defence within a certain time (usually within 14 days). If you do not follow these orders the plaintiff can apply to have the judgment re-entered. For more information on filing a defence, see Filing a defence.

Can a judgment be set aside by a consent order?

A judgment or order may be set aside by consent order: r 36.15 (2). The court may set aside or vary a judgment or order if a notice of motion for such an order is filed before the entry of the judgment or order sought to be set aside: r 36.16 (1).