How do you turn the airbag off in a Volvo?

How do you turn the airbag off in a Volvo?

The passenger airbag can be deactivated if the car is equipped with a switch, Passenger Airbag Cut Off Switch (PACOS). The switch for the passenger airbag is located on the passenger end of the instrument panel and is accessible when the passenger door is open. Check that the switch is in the required position.

Why would my airbag light be on?

When this light is on, that means your airbags are deactivated. It means they will not deploy properly if you get into an accident. If your car’s battery has drained recently, it may have also depleted the backup battery that powers the airbags.

How much do you have to weigh for the airbag to go off?

approximately 65 lbs
The front passenger’s airbag will be turned off if the weight on the seat is approximately 65 lbs (29 kg) or less (the weight of an infant or small child).

What are the fuse boxes on a Volvo V70?

Actual Volvo V70 II (2000-2007) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version. Hello. And Bye.

When did the second generation Volvo V70 come out?

Volvo V70 is the second generation model that we introduced in 2000, and the production started for the model year 2001. The overall mechanism and look of this model are based upon the Volvo P2 platform. There are some effective techniques applied to provide maximum rigidity.

What should I do if my air bag is not working?

In addition, switch the ignition “off” and disconnect the battery negative lead, then wait at least ten minutes before doing any work on the system. Do not pound or tap anywhere near the SRS crash sensor (for example, while under the car) if the ignition is “on” even if you are not working on the SRS system.

What is the styling of the Volvo V70?

The styling of the second generation V70 is the core benefit as it helps in making it quite attractive. It is a combination of elegance, sporty look, and functionality. This is of a kind vehicle from Volvo that has all the features. The design, styling, and look of this car make it quite useful in front of its competitors.