How do you write Author in PowerPoint?

How do you write Author in PowerPoint?

To do this click File > Author > Related People. From there you need to right click on the author name, and click Edit Property. This will open up an Edit Person box, where you can type in the name you want.

How do you present information in PowerPoint?

Try it!

  1. Select the Slide Show tab.
  2. Select the Use Presenter View checkbox.
  3. Select which monitor to display Presenter View on.
  4. Select. From Beginning or press F5.

How do I hide the Author in PowerPoint?

How to change the PowerPoint Presentation Author Contact. To change the author name, you will need to right click on the Author property. Notice that this will show you the presentation author and It is not the same as the Last Modified By value. To remove the author, right click and then click Remove Person.

Where is the user information in PowerPoint?

In PowerPoint 2013 you can view the meta data information clicking File menu in the PowerPoint Ribbon and then clicking Info option. Here you can see the properties pane at the right. Under properties pane there is an entry for related people who worked in a PowerPoint document.

What is a author presentation?

Presenting Author – the author is listed first in the conference program who is actually presenting the paper at the conference. This person is sometimes the primary author, but in some cases, may be a secondary or co-author. This person acting in this simple role should not be confused with the discussant.

How do you name a PowerPoint presentation?

Use the Layout option to title a slide

  1. Select the slide whose layout you will change so that it can have a title.
  2. Click Home > Layout.
  3. Select Title Slide for a standalone title page or select Title and Content for a slide that contains a title and a full slide text box.
  4. Select the Click to add title text box.

How do you present facts in a presentation?

Use images. Charts and graphs aren’t the only ways to present facts and figures. If you distill your information into key points, you can use images to represent each point. While it can take a little time and brain power to understand a chart or graph, images are processed much faster.

How do you remove personal information from PowerPoint?

Select Check for Issues > Inspect Document. Select the types of content that you want to inspect, and then select Inspect. Review the results. For each type of content that you want to remove from the document, select Remove All.

How can you tell who created a PowerPoint?

You can get a information from the presentation Advanced Properties (File>Info>Click on Properties>Advanced Properties). On the Statistics tab you can get the total number of revisions, total editing time and person last saved by.

How do I change user information in PowerPoint?

Go to File -> Options and then look for General tab. Here you can enter a new User name and Initials value under Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office.

How do you give an author a presentation?

You should present personal information about the author and his/her literary work. Say something about which genre the author is writing in (for example detective novels, crime, romantic etc). You should also give a short summary of one of his/her novels and explain the importance of it.

What is the best free presentation software?

Free Presentation Software & Best PowerPoint Alternative 1. Powtoon – The best free animated presentation software 2. Google Drive Presentation – The Simple PowerPoint alternative 3. 280 Slides – The Aesthetic PowerPoint Alternative 4. SlideRocket – The Professional PowerPoint Alternative 5. Prezi – No Slides PowerPoint Alternative Conclusion

How can I use Microsoft PowerPoint for free?

Go the Microsoft PowerPoint website. Access the free software download link. When the Microsoft PowerPoint homepage loads, scroll to the middle of the page. Click the “Free 60 Day Trial” link. Click “Try Now” below the green download arrow.

How can I download PowerPoint themes?

You can download themes from internet or get it from other sources and import it in to your presentation slide by : Launch the Microsoft PowerPoint Press alt +g and use tab to find “theme” menu in the design tab of the ribbon bar. Then press enter or space to open the list of available theme.