How long does Craftsman lawn mower run before it shuts off?

How long does Craftsman lawn mower run before it shuts off?

Sears Craftsman mower has been running great for years and I treat it well. I was mowing fine then the motor turned off. Each time I try to start, it turns over fine runs for 2 to 3 seconds then shuts off.

What causes a GMC 2500 to die in a few seconds?

Just diagnosed a gmc 2500 with a similar problem. Good fuel pressure, starts, runs for about 7 seconds, dies after a sudden drop in fuel pressure. I ruled out the fuel pressure regulator by clamping off the return line.

Why does my Car start then die in a few seconds?

CELS kept pointing to the coils, after 3 sets I figured that was not the problem. Check with spark tester, coils, wires and plugs all good. Map and Mat good, and finally accepted it must be the PCM. The car run good in the heat, and terrible in cooler wet weather.

Why does my 2008 Crown Vic turn off while driving?

Same problem 2008 crown vic runs great but will turn off while driving. Wait 5 10 min car starts fine, will run for a while. ONLY HAPPENS WHEN HOT AND SOMEWHAT MUGGY. All spring,winter and fall ran great NEVER turned off. Car never spurts, missed etc. It’s a shutdown by a sensor, I guess.

What causes a generator to shut down after a few seconds?

With low oil levels, you can start your generator but after a few seconds, the temperature of the oil rises too quickly and it causes the system to shut down. When the oil level is too high, it also causes the sensor to force a shutdown. Mostly generators with low oil level auto shut-down feature turn your generator off.

Why does my Ford Ranger run for a little then dies?

Next check is the fuel pressure regulator, your looking for fuel coming out the top and bleeding into the vacuum line thus flooding the engine. Another thing that happens is the distributor pickup coil can fracture, it runs good until it gets hot then it will go open and the engine stalls, and the ignition module can act the same way.

What should I do if my generator keeps running?

If the generator goes on running at a high temperature, the sensitive parts of the engine, control panel, and voltage meters can break down. Solution: keep the water in the radiator filled. Make it a habit to check the water level in the radiator after a month. You can also use a coolant along the water to get better results.