How many A350 orders are there?

How many A350 orders are there?

Orders and deliveries

view talk edit Total orders Total deliveries
A350-900 747 386
A350-1000 166 56
Total 913 442

Who ordered the A350?

In September 2019, Air France took delivery of its first Airbus A350 XWB, the first aircraft of the then initial order of 28 of the type. Subsequently, in November of the same year, Air France decided to place an additional order for another 10 A350-900s, taking the total order to the current 38.

How many A350 are built monthly?

The A220, meanwhile, is being produced at a rate of five aircraft per month; the rate will be increased to six in early 2022. The A350 production rate currently averages five per month and will be increased to six by autumn 2022.

Who is the largest A350 operator?

Qatar Airways Singapore Airlines
Qatar Airways Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) became the largest operator of Airbus A350 in April 2021. Previously, the title belonged to Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways took delivery of the primary Airbus A350-900 in December 2014 and became the first launch customer of the type.

Is there an A360?

Alongside Boeing, Airbus is one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world. However if you look at the lineup of Airbus aircraft, you would have noticed one peculiar fact – that there is no Airbus A360 or A370.

What US airlines fly the A350?

Airline operators

Airline Country First commercial service
Delta Air Lines United States October 30, 2017
Emirates United Arab Emirates
Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopia July 2, 2016
Etihad Airways United Arab Emirates May 22, 2021