How many gears does a 1998 YZ 125 have?

How many gears does a 1998 YZ 125 have?

Yamaha YZ125

Manufacturer Yamaha
Engine 124 cc (7.6 cu in) reed valve two-stroke single
Power 35 hp (26 kW)
Transmission 5- or 6-speed sequential manual
Suspension Mono-shock, 13 inches travel

How many gears does a Yamaha yz80 have?

dirtbikerida63. i have a 2003 yz125 and it only has 5 gears. i also have yz80 with 6 gears. it seems like almost all motocross bikes have 6 speed trannys except mine.

Can a dirt bike have 6 gears?

Some have six gears too like the Yamaha WR250F Enduro dirt bike. The gears on a dirt bike are usually always arranged in the same way. This is with first gear one click down, neutral sits between first gear and second gear and all the other gears are selected by clicking up. 6th gear (if present)

How fast can a YZ125 2 stroke go?

YZ 125: This is Yamaha’s 2-stroke dirt bike and it has a top speed of around 70 miles per hour. It’s much quicker and faster than the TTR and that’s why it’s best suited for track racing.

Is a YZ125 a good beginner bike?

Perfect starter bike. It will be as fast as you need it to be. As your skills increase and your weight increases you may want to step up to a larger bike YZ250 2 stroke or YZ450F 4 stroke. That is for later though.

How many gears does a 2021 YZ125 have?

2021 Yamaha YZ125 Specifications

Clutch Multiplate wet clutch
Transmission Constant-mesh 6-speed
Final Drive Chain

How many gears does a 2020 YZ125 have?

Important carry-over parts from the YZ125 include the aluminum frame, six-speed transmission, and 270mm front disc brake.

How long does a YZ 125 bottom end last?

Eric Gorr says the 125 two strokes need new bottom ends every 80 hours.

How many gears does a 250 4 stroke have?

Engine Specifications of Kawasaki KX 250

Emission Type : BS6
Ignition : Digital DC-CDI
Stroke : 53.6 mm
Bore : 77 mm
Gears : 5-Speed

How do you shift gears on a dirt bike without a clutch?

To shift a dirt bike without the clutch: let off the throttle, shift up a gear, then get back on the throttle to accelerate.

What kind of engine does a Yamaha YZ125 have?

YZ125. Specifications. $6,599 – Team Yamaha Blue – Available from August 2020. Engine. Engine Type. 125cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve inducted. Bore x Stroke.

What kind of shocks does a YZ 125 have?

Front and rear shock absorbers are coil springs. The YZ 125’s dry weight is 196 lbs. Front and rear brakes employ a single disc brake with the front brake diameter measuring 9.64 inches and the rear disc brake at 9.44 inches. Both wheels are made of cast aluminum with the front tire measuring 1.60 by 21 inches and the rear at 1.81 by 19 inches.

How big is the ground clearance on a Yamaha YZ 125?

Ground clearance is a relatively high 15.7 inches with the telescopic front fork measuring 11.81 inches, and the swing arm rear suspension featuring 12.4 inches of travel. Front and rear shock absorbers are coil springs. The YZ 125’s dry weight is 196 lbs.

When did Yamaha change to 5 speed transmission?

In 2002 the frame changed, making it lighter, narrower, and more flick-able. However, many people didn’t approve because it switched to a 5-speed transmission. 125’s have a narrow power-band as it is, and some riders just like having that extra gear.