How many horsepower does an international MaxxForce DT have?

How many horsepower does an international MaxxForce DT have?

Only 154,000 Miles – Ran Like New Engine Serial # 466HM Engine Family # A215 Engine HP: 215 Engine Model: Maxxforce DT Displacement: 7…. See More Details (USED) 2015 International 4300 – Maxxforce DT Diesel Engine.

Are there any new MaxxForce engines out there?

I’ve noticed recently on the International website, the Trail Magazine, and the International Youtube channel news regarding the N9 and N10 line of engines. These two “new” engines appear to have replaced all the Maxxforce engines except for the DT and 7 creations. Are they really new? No, they are not.

What was the problem with the Navistar MaxxForce?

The settlement resulted from Navistar’s use of exhaust gas recirculation, or EGR, to control nitrous oxide emissions from its International brand of heavy-duty trucks equipped with 11- and 13-liter engines. The technology failed to meet federal emissions standards.

What kind of harness does MaxxForce DT466 use?


Is there warranty on MaxxForce DT diesel engine?

After the repair we fired it up and it had a dead miss. Unfortunately no warranty to speak of left on this bus. We will have to remove the cylinder head and do an inspection. It will most likely mean an overhaul. The removable liners will make it easier for us not having to pull the complete engine.

Is the MaxxForce 13liter a low torque engine?

I have seen this problem before after a repair. the line is a low torque then a turn. By the way the maxxforce family of engines cover ever thing from a 7 liter v8 to the maxxforce DT {former DT466 and DT570} Then the maxxforce 13liter.

Do you need servicemaxx for MaxxForce DT?

If you’re working on the MaxxForce DT you must have the servicemaxx software. After this operation is completed a MAF recalibration is needed. Instructions come with the turbo service kit so don’t delay.

Is there service kit for MaxxForce diesel engine?

A service kit is available for the MaxxForce DT diesel engines that allows mechanics to disassemble the low pressure and high pressure turbocharger on the compressor side (intake) and remove the soot buildup.

Are there any 2009 International 4300 trucks for sale?

2009 INTERNATIONAL 4300, STOCK # 06628 2009 INTERNATIONAL 4300, AUTO, AIR RIDE, DE-RATED TO NON CDL, 22 FT. BOX TRUCK FOR SALE MX DT 466 @ 245HP (134,0… Create a MyTrader account for free. 2009 INTERNATIONAL 4300, STOCK # 06808 2009 INTERNATIONAL 4300, CDL, AUTO, NEW TMA/ATTENUATOR TRUCK FOR SALE INTERNATIONAL MX DT 466 @ 245HP (118,214 M…

Are there any international MaxxForce 7 engines for sale?

(GOOD USED) 2009 International MAXXFORCE 7 Diesel Engine For Sale, V8, Fits 2007 2008 2009, Part# 1885872C1, Engine Serial# 6.4HM2Y077103, Stock# 2640 WATCH TEST RUN VIDEO ON CA TRUCKS… Good Running used Maxxforce 7 engine from a 2009 International CE bus. Engine serial number is 5013797657 and it has 190,453 miles on it.

How big is a 2009 Navistar International 4300?

2009 Navistar International 4300, , Length: 21, Width: 96, Height: 82, This is a 2009 Navistar International 4300 RYDER VERIFIED Box Truck –33000 GVW… 2009 International 4300, 2009 International 4300 $29500 Digger Derricks1HTMMAAN09H086790 S/N 0908DV3788…

When did the MaxxForce DT 7.6L come out?

Jasper Engines & Transmissions announced the availability of the International MaxxForce DT 7.6L Running Complete Diesel Engine. The remanufactured engine is available for the following 2007-2010 applications:

Why did international stop making MaxxForce diesel engines?

Thanks to the wise decision to dump EGR and partner with Cummins, International has managed to claw it’s way back to profitably through plant closures and other divestitures. But yet the pain still lingers. Maxxforce engines were supposed to free International from the hassles of dealing with outside suppliers.

How to identify a MaxxForce 7 diesel engine?

How to Identify a Maxxforce Engine The first place to look would be the serial number that is imprinted on the block or some other engine part. That will lead you to a list or should lead you to a list, stating which engine the number belonged to.

What was the problem with the MaxxForce engine?

The lawsuit alleges that the Defendants sold or leased 2011-2014 model year vehicles with MaxxForce 11- or 13-liter diesel engines that had a defective EGR emissions system and that if Named Plaintiffs had known of the defect, they would not have purchased or leased their vehicles or would have paid less for the vehicles than they did.

Is there a lawsuit against Navistar MaxxForce engines?

This lawsuit is known as In re Navistar MaxxForce Engines Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation, Case No. 1:14-cv-10318.

Is the 2012 International 4300 MaxxForce engine running?

2012 IH 4300 1HTMMAAN9CH084057, Last week there was a code for Injector 3 close coil-open circuit, (SPN 3661 FMI 5) The truck ran fine, so we cleared the code and let it go. Today it’s barely running. … read more I have a 2014 international lone star with the maxxforce 13.

What is the ICP code for a 2010 MaxxForce DT?

2010 Maxxforce DT spn 164 fmi 16 code 3333 icp above Discussion in ‘ Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Mechanics Forum ‘ started by Mack813 , Feb 22, 2019 . Feb 22, 2019 #1

Is the 2013 MaxxForce 7 diesel engine worn out?

The eight 2013 MaxxForce 7 diesel engines we purchased for our fleet have proven to be a royal pain in the …well you know how that phrase ends. After five years half of the diesel engines needed to be replaced due to being totally worn out.

Why does my MaxxForce DT have low power?

It’s also recommended to check the air filter for any restriction. This of course will cause more of a low pressure area in the intake system. If you’re working on the MaxxForce DT you must have the servicemaxx software. After this operation is completed a MAF recalibration is needed.

How to clean Turbo piping on DT MaxxForce engine?

Click on the photo to enlarge it to get a better idea how much of the soot collects on the compressor wheel. The turbo piping has to be removed from the compressor side along with the connections to the engine crankcase breather. Once the 2 housing are removed the clean up can be done easily. All of the piping has to be cleaned up as well.

Who is the company that makes MaxxForce engines?

Who Makes Maxxforce Engines? The company that made this engine is called International Truck and Engine but it is a subsidiary unit under the parent Navistar International. Before Navistar bought out International, the latter company had a stellar reputation for its trucks and motors.

Is the MaxxForce Powerd internationals that bad?

I dare you to buy some maxxforce powerd internationals. We did the same crap got great deals for the maxxforce trucks in a fleet of almost all volvos. The internationals were the worst investments ever. We bought 5 and all of them had more than 15+k$ of work done on them.

Is the DT466 engine a good motor?

Great motor and truck, hated to get rid of ours but in California, we are Tier 4 so all new trucks now, our oldest truck is a 2015 and we have about 17 trucks. Good motor, really good as long as its been properly maintained.

Are there any problems with the MaxxForce 7?

All the Maxxforce series, including the 7, were bad. These problems were not limited to big rigs. School buses also had problems including losing the high-pressure fuel pumps, diluted engine oil, and lost oil pressure and the contaminate was the diesel fuel. This is just the beginning of problems with this engine.

What kind of engine does MaxxForce 5 have?

In North America, the MaxxForce product line ranges from the upgraded 4.5-litre V-6 MaxxForce 5 to the new MaxxForce 13 big-bore Class 8 engine. Another major highlight is the all-new 6.4-litre MaxxForce 7.

What kind of engine does the International DuraStar have?

While Ford supplied its medium-duty Ford F-Series with Cummins and Caterpillar engines, the International 4000/Durastar was (initially) supplied with International-designed diesel engines (DT, VT, MaxxForce).

When was the DuraStar replaced by the International 4000?

Introduced as the successor to the International 4000 series of 1989–2001, the 4000 series was renamed the DuraStar in 2008.

Where is the serial number on a MaxxForce DT?

– Engine serial number starting with 3000000 or ending with 3300000 are model 2007 – 2009 MAXXFORCE DT, 9 or 10 assemblies(located on the right hand side of the crankcase in front of the Turbocharger). -Emissions label indicating Engine Family (MAXXFORCE DT]

How much does an International DT466 diesel engine cost?

2007 International DT466 Diesel Engine, 225HP. Approx. 311K Miles. All Complete and Run Tested. $3,995.00 with Exchange. Serial Number: 1995-2007, LATE MODELS, 175-250HP, USED & REBUILT! We carry a large quantity of used & rebuilt truck engine assemblies.

Are there any 2011 International 4300 trucks for sale?

2011 INTERNATIONAL 4300, STOCK # 06791 2011 INTERNATIONAL 4300, NON CDL, AUTO, LOW MILE, 16 FT. UTILITY BODY & GATE TRUCK FOR SALE MX DT 466 @225HP (11… Commercial Truck Trader Disclaimer: The information provided for each listing is supplied by the seller and/or other third parties.

What is the serial number of an international MaxxForce 7 engine?

Good running Maxxforce 7 engine from a 2010 International CE Bus. Engine has 91,971 miles on it and a recent JPRO report is available upon request. Engine serial number is 5004832589. There… 2010 International MaxxForce 7 Diesel Engine.

How many horsepower does a MaxxForce 7 engine have?

Maxxforce 7 Diesel Engine V-8 6.4L (Used) 2010 MAXXFORCE 7 ENGINE ASSEMBLY- Family Number: N/A, Displacement: 6.5L, Horsepower: N/A, For more information about this item, give us a call. We ship Worldwide! (CRG HEAVY TRUCK… This used Maxxforce 7 engine is a takeout from a 2010 IC Corporation PB105 bus and is being sold as a core for parts.

What are the colors of the Navistar MaxxForce DT?

Twisted pair Red B+ (Battery Voltage) Red High side driver control Blue VREF (5 Volts) Green Green A/C Speed Signal Signal Brown Data Communication Black Black Purple Injectors GND (Ground) Low side driver control Color code for schematic lines Brown PWM Signal WARNING Navistar® MaxxForce DT, 9, 0000001624 before doing any AFTFSO AFTFD

How to calculate coolant level on MaxxForce DT?

Twisted pair Red B+ (Battery Voltage) Red High side driver control Blue VREF (5 Volts) Green Green A/C Speed Signal Signal Brown Data Communication Black Black Purple Injectors GND (Ground) Low side driver control Color code for schematic lines Brown PWM Signal Option 1Option 2 ECL ECL Engine Coolant Level B A E A Coolant Level Module

Why is my international MaxxForce DT diesel engine leaking?

You can see the bottom side of one of them is coated up with soot due to the compression leak. What is left of the washer is laying beside the leaking injector. The sealing washer slides over the tip of the injector and is supposed to seal compression from entering the injector cavity.

What was the cost of the Navistar MaxxForce engines?

That was on top of the $700 million development cost of the engines. The MaxxForce engines tarnished the manufacturer’s reputation. Sales plunged. Navistar lost almost half its market share as costs soared and losses climbed. Navistar said it expects the settlement will “accelerate our efforts” to move past the MaxxForce debacle.

Where to find Navistar MaxxForce DT diagnostic manual 0000001624?

To prevent personal injury or death, read all safety instructions in the “Safety Information” section of Navistar® MaxxForce DT, 9, and 10 Engine Diagnostic Manual 0000001624 before doing any diagnostic procedures. Information on this form was current at the product improvements and technical advancements.

What is the color code for the MaxxForce DT?

Color code for schematic lines Brown PWM Signal WARNING Navistar® MaxxForce DT, 9, 0000001624 before doing any AFTFSO AFTFD AFT Fuel Shutoff Valve Fuel Supply AFT Fuel Injector AFT Fuel Pressure 1 and AFT Fuel Temperature Aftertreatment Down Stream Injection (DSI)

How long is warranty on international MaxxForce 10 engine?


When did the MaxxForce 7 diesel engine come out?

There may have been later versions of the 7 and there is said to be an engine from 8 to 15 and those versions most likely came out from 2010 to 2016. But for some reason, Navistar or International could not solve the many problems that were built into this motor series.

What’s the difference between the N9 and 10 MaxxForce engines?

The only difference between the new N9 & 10 and the Maxxforce is that the former engines used the Cummins SCR emission system and not the Navistar ECR system. There are people happy to see the Maxxforce disappear from production as it was an engine series that created nothing but problems for the company and its owners.