How much does a Kenworth T660 truck weigh?

How much does a Kenworth T660 truck weigh?

Manual; Paccar Suspension; 72 in Mid Roof Sleeper; Yes Engine Brake; 3.55 Ratio; 12R22.5 – 11R22.5 Tires; Aluminum Wheels; 230 in Wheelbase; Black Color; Tandem Axle; MX Paccar Engine 455 hp; Diesel Fuel Type; 12,000 lb Front Axle Weight; 40,000 lb Rear Axle Weight; 52,000 lb Gross Vehicle Weight…

What kind of powertrain does a Kenworth Truck have?

Kenworth trucks are optimized for seamless performance with the PACCAR Transmission and PACCAR Axles, PACCAR Engines guarantee a smooth operating, high-performance powertrain of unmatched capability.

What kind of tires does a Kenworth glider have?

2013 Kenworth T660 Glider, 2002 460 HP N-14 Cummins pre-emission, 10 speed 3 peddle autoshift transmission. New steer tires, 75%+ brakes.

What is the fault code for a PACCAR Engine?

I have a complete list of the OBD faults from the troubleshooting manual, but the truck is telling you a J1939 fault code. I only have a partial list that I’ve been building, but it’s very incomplete. SPN 1231 is CAN Bus fault (which you already know), FMI 11 is “Root Cause Unknown”, no help there.

Can a Cummins technician read a Paccar code?

Cummins. At least Cummins can tell a technician what is wrong when a code flashes, Paccar can’t even read their own codes and they still have the nerve to charge customers who come to them for help and leave with the problem still existing. PM me an email and I can send you what I have, I have quite a long list, but not complete.

What does FMI 31 mean on a PACCAR Engine?

I have no info on SPN 524287, FMI 31 only means “Condition Exists”. Sorry I can’t help, Paccar dash faults are going to be very tough to get any info on until Paccar can build a truck that can display the faults of their own engines. Or at least a way to convert them to the OBD faults. Guntoter Thanks this.

How tall is a Kenworth tandem air suspension?

SPECIFICATIONS Kenworth Air Suspension Guidelines Configuration: Tandem Tandem Tandem Tridem Rated Capacity: 38,000 lbs. 40,000 lbs. 46,000 lbs. 69,000 lbs. Ride Height: 8.5” 9” 10.5” 10.5”

What should the ride height be on a truck air suspension?

Pressurize the air system with a constant supply of air in excess of 70 PSI (4.8 bars), and check that all air springs properly inflate and raise the suspension to the proper ride height. For more heavy-duty service tips and insight, click here to visit our service-focused sister site, Fleet Service Technology.

How do you set a trailer ride height?

As you can see, setting the trailer ride height is fairly simple with either using the ride height gauge or the tape measure method. Setting the trailer ride height to the correct height is crucial for long lasting trailer performance and a smooth ride down the road.