How much does it cost for Allison Transmission?

How much does it cost for Allison Transmission?

Replacement Allison 1000 Transmission Prices:

Transmission Street Smart Transmission Dealer Retail
Allison 1000 2441 4200

Is Allison a good transmission?

Allison fully automatic transmissions (“Allison Automatics”) have a global reputation for quality, reliability and durability because we engineer and build them to last. So when failure is not an option, Allison Transmission is the best solution for delivering power from the engine to the wheels of your vehicle.

How much does it cost to build a Duramax?

Could be anywhere from 1k-3k. An average number to budget on would be $1,500 USD.

How often should you change your Allison transmission filter?

Beginning with s/n 6510670912 and s/n 6610205144, transmissions equipped with allison high Capacity Filters do not require an initial main Filter change at 5000 miles/8000 km/200 hours.

Where can I get an Allison Transmission serviced?

With nearly 1,400 Authorized Distributors and Dealers worldwide, Allison is committed to providing you with the best resources to care for your Allison transmission. To find an Allison facility near you, use the Sales + Service Locator below.

Is the Allison Transmission accepted in the ETC program?

You may include the cost with the purchase of your vehicle (with dealer approval), or simply write a check to the Authorized Allison Transmission Distributor or Dealer. Will regears be accepted in to the ETC program? Yes, provided they are new Allison transmissions in approved applications.

What kind of fluids should I use in my Allison Transmission?

What fluids should I use in my Allison transmission? Using an Allison Approved automatic transmission fluid extends drain intervals and enhances transmission performance and durability in all operating environments.

Where can I get transynd for my Allison?

If you call the 1-800 Allison tech support as soon as you mention GM products they’ll tell you go by the GM recommendations, because of the GM take over on the 1000. Click on the HIGHWAY APPROVED FLUIDS. Search online for best prices on Transynd, just last week I paid $36 a gallon at Williams Allison, which is Allison’s main supplier in AZ.