Is LG flooring good?

Is LG flooring good?

Now, LG Hausys is the brand that is responsible for a wide range of flooring, windows and more. Being one of the world’s largest flooring manufacturers, LG vinyl flooring can be trusted as a brand that certainly demonstrates its knowledge of the industry through the quality of their products.

What is Camaro flooring?

Camaro is a collection of luxury vinyl tiles, replicating the natural beauty of wood, designed for use in all residential and light commercial interiors.

What is DecoTile?

DecoTile is a 5mm thick luxury vinyl tile with a super-strong 0.55mm wear layer. It features a PUR surface treatment, which is low maintenance, giving a scratch and scuff resistant surface. DecoTile has a variety of wood and stone patterns to suit all decors, from contemporary to traditional.

What is Moduleo flooring?

Moduleo is luxury vinyl flooring. Moduleo combines the authenticity and beauty of natural products, with the rugged durability of innovative vinyl technology.

How thick is Camaro flooring?

Each plank measures 152.4mm width x 914.4mm length. Total thickness: 2.0mm. Wear layer: 0.3mm.

Is Camaro flooring waterproof?

Camaro Loc is Water Resistant As with most Luxury Vinyl Tiles, the floor’s surface is waterproof. The top of each tile is coated with a polyurethane protective layer, which not only provides long-lasting protection from everyday wear and tear, but also ensures a waterproof finish.

Who owns Deco tile?

President John Di Fonzo
Deco-Tile founded in 1995 by President John Di Fonzo, is a family operated business located in Toronto. With years of experience in the Tile & Stone industry, President John has the goal of educating the team here at Deco-Tile with the unprecedented knowledge allowing further growth of the company.

Is Moduleo any good?

Overall: 7/10 – Moduleo is a great option for natural looking flooring with a brilliant range of wood and stone effects. It falls short regarding the warranty and reputation, however, their reputation issue will be down to the installation of the flooring and not the product itself.

Is Camaro flooring suitable for bathrooms?

Polyflor Camaro is a high quality luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) that is suitable for any room, including kitchens and bathrooms. …

Is Polyflor as good as Amtico?

Both Polyflor and Amtico are top notch LVT brands. Amtico is undoubted the more well known and more expensive brand however if you are on a budget then Polyflor has some excellent, durable options. Whether you choose Amtico or Polyflor, Stories Flooring assures you of lowest prices.

What happens to vinyl flooring when it gets wet?

Moisture weakens glue bonds and causes the edges to lift and bubbles to form in the middle. It also deteriorates and softens the vinyl and promotes the growth of mold.

What are the benefits of LG hausys flooring?

DURABILITY LX Hausys Flooring features high durability through PUR double coating which improves resistance for scratches and stains. OUTSTANDING RESISTANT The UV PUR Treatment Technology guarantees stunning performances to prevent deformation from water. Do you need more info?

What is the current situation of LX hausys?

At the current situation of the global spread of the COVID-19, LX Hausys secures the safety for our employees, customers and partners in order to further provide the best level of services as possible. We would like to note that we are providing all the resources available to keep your business continuity.

When did LG start making vinyl flooring?

The LG group is world-renowned for its production of electronics yet little knowledge of its beginnings in plastic manufacturing, especially that of homeware and more specifically vinyl flooring 60 years ago in 1958.