Is Renault a European car?

Is Renault a European car?

Renault Eurodrive is owned by the RENAULT SAS car company, the leading car manufacturer in Europe. Our car leasing product is marketed by our worldwide network and is present in more than 77 countries.

What vehicles are European?

10 Most Popular European Car Brands in the U.S.

  • Germany Mercedes-Benz Luxury Vehicles.
  • Germany BMW Luxury Vehicles.
  • Germany Porsche Luxury Sports Cars.
  • Germany Volkswagen Mass-Market Cars.
  • Germany Audi Luxury Vehicles.
  • Italy Ferrari Super Luxury Sports Cars.
  • Sweden Volvo Luxury Vehicles.
  • United Kingdom Jaguar Luxury Vehicles.

Why are European cars expensive?

Exchange Rates and Labor Costs Believe it or not, European cars aren’t only expensive because they’re luxurious. There are a few other reasons involved — two of which are exchange rates and labor costs. Exchange rates are important because fluctuating currency can tighten (or increase) profits for foreign automakers.

When was Clio born?

Print of Clio, made in the 16th–17th century….

Children Hymenaeus, Hyacinthus

Is the Renault Clio an economy class car?

The Clio offers more space to store luggage than most other economy cars, and though it still way smaller than larger cars, 300 liters is nothing to scoff at in an economy class car. That’s enough room for 3 large suitcases.

How to rent a Renault Clio in Europe?

If you would like to book a Renault Clio rental for your upcoming trip to Europe, you can trust that Auto Europe will work hard to find the best rates. Book online using our simple-to-navigate booking engine, or call us toll-free at 1-888-223-5555, at any time to speak to a rental specialist.

When was the last year the Renault Clio was made?

The Clio was the replacement to the hugely successful Renault 5, although this car remained in production until 1996 at a factory in Slovenia, where some versions of the Clio were later built.

Who are the owners of the Clio Cup?

The four cups will cross paths throughout the year to form the Clio Cup Europe and accelerate the development of the model produced by Renault Sport Racing. A true heir to the R8 Gordini launched in 1966, the fifth generation Clio Cup has been a resounding hit, delivering spectacular, lively races full of twists and turns in its maiden campaign.