Is Royal Purple good for GDI engines?

Is Royal Purple good for GDI engines?

Royal Purple Max-Atomizer is a new fuel injector cleaner that utilizes a highly-concentrated, state-of-the-art Polyether Amine (PEA) detergent. It is the only one developed specifically to solve the problems associated with GDI engines, making Max-Atomizer the most concentrated product on the market.

Is Royal Purple good for old cars?

High Mileage: If your car has 75,000 miles or more, you should choose a premium full synthetic motor oil specially formulated for older vehicles. Over time, seals can shrink and leak; Royal Purple HMX™ High Mileage motor oil reconditions seals, providing a little swell and flexibility to older seals.

Can you put Royal Purple oil in any car?

All new car warranties remain in effect when using Royal Purple Filters. Royal Purple filters are fully compatible with all synthetic and conventional oils, and are readily available for most makes and models.

Does Royal Purple make a difference?

Does Royal Purple oil make a difference? According to my research and studies, Royal Purple synthetic motor oil does indeed provide a subtle, but noticeable difference in your vehicle. I found that my truck was getting a couple thousand more miles per oil change on the year.

Is Royal Purple a gimmick?

It’s a top-of-the-line synthetic that uses the “purple” as a gimmick. It is a great oil; there are other great oils. If it is a daily driver you are using it in, you will only reap a fraction of the benefits that a premium synthetic will offer.

Is Mobil 1 or Royal Purple better?

Mobil 1 has its Annual Protection Ultimate Full Synthetic Oil, and Royal Purple has its High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil. Both are excellent synthetic motor oils. They are both produced and backed up by trusted brand names. Some will say Royal Purple is better because of its superb qualities.

Is Royal Purple really that good?

Yes, Royal Purple is an expensive motor oil, but its proprietary formula and benefits make it worth the price. That said, there are affordable synthetic oils on the market as well that deliver comparable performance.