Is spalted maple valuable?

Is spalted maple valuable?

Retail prices for 4/4 spalted maple were quoted at $7.50 to $9/bf, though price is often dictated by the amount of figure.

Is spalted maple strong?

The spalted maple is not a tree rather a board taken from the Sugar Maple tree. Strong, stiff, hard and more dense than all of the other species of Maple commercially available in lumber form. Fairly easy to work with both hand and machine tools.

Is spalted maple safe?

Great question, Scott. The dark lines prized in spalted wood are caused by white rot fungus. Once your wood bowl is complete, however, the danger from airborne protein subsides. “If you ingest it, it’s just going to get digested like all the other proteins that you eat,” says Harrington.

How long does it take for maple to Spalt?

The spalting process usually takes several weeks. Begin checking after six weeks. If you like the coloration, remove the wood from your bag or container. If not, allow the wood to spalt for another two weeks and then check again.

What is Spalted maple good for?

As you can see, spalted maple can provide some truly stunning patterns and textures. High contrast between the spalting and normal grain can give a guitar a more dynamic three dimensional look. Being a difficult wood to find, spalted maple always makes for a unique and coveted instrument.

What is the difference between Ambrosia and Spalted maple?

Spalted maple comes from the wood essentially rotting. Fungi grow on dead trees and change the color. Ambrosia maple is caused by beetles that eat their way into the wood, bringing fungus in which changes it. Typically it’s striped rather than the crackling effect like spalting.

What is spalted maple good for?

Is spalted maple hard or soft?

Spalted Maple is normally a Hard Maple but can also be seen in Soft Maple. The figure in Spalted Maple is produced by decay. Basically, the tree or log starts to decay and during that process, a fungus attacks the wood. This fungus gives Spalted Maple the distinct black lines of figure that woodworkers love.

Is spalted wood good for firewood?

Spalted wood is no exception – as long as the wood is dry, it is an acceptable choice for a campfire because it will burn just fine. If you enjoy camping and like to relax by the fire each evening of a camping trip, then honestly you can burn pretty much whatever wood you have on hand.

How do you dry Spalted wood?

With spalted wood, the bag doesn’t even need to be cinched tight. Just place the wet wood in the bag, wrap the opening around the bottom, and wait a month. Every week, take the wood out, flip the bag inside out, and place the wood back in.

What, exactly, is spalted Maple?

Spalted maple is just ordinary maple that’s partly rotten. After the wood is cut, different colonies of stain, mold and decay fungi attack it and establish boundaries to preserve their turf. That’s what those black lines are-borders between warring tribes. They don’t follow any regular pattern, such as the tree’s growth rings.

Is spalted wood food safe?

Spalted wood is just as safe as any other wood for food items. As has been said, the same fungus is around us all the time, and the fungus dies when it’s dry. With a good finish on it (all finishes in the USA are required to be food safe when cured) it will be just as safe as any other.

What does spalted mean?

Spalted is derived from the old German word “spalt,” which means to split. The special patterns and colors, ranging from black brown blue gray to orange, makes it extremely popular, especially amongst interior designers.

What causes spalting in wood?

Spalting is any form of wood coloration caused by fungi. Although primarily found in dead trees, spalting can also occur in living trees under stress. Although spalting can cause weight loss and strength loss in the wood, the unique coloration and patterns of spalted wood are sought by woodworkers.