Is the 2013 International ProStar MaxxForce 13 engine lost power?

Is the 2013 International ProStar MaxxForce 13 engine lost power?

2013 international prostar maxxforce 13… 2013 international prostar maxxforce 13 engine with loss of power and cant pass 58-60 mph after 10 minutes of initial start Andy I have 2 chats open with you right now. Which one you want to keep I just sent you last 8 of the vin in the other window

When did MaxxForce DT no power no codes start?

Discussion in ‘ International Forum ‘ started by TheBeastStr, Nov 28, 2018 . 2012 MaXxforce Dt no power no codes hooked up scanner to it and this is what he gets and ideas or tips on what the problem is ??

Why are DPF and Doc removed from ProStar MaxxForce 13?

If you have the wrong micron rating of fuel filter , it causes higher fuel inlet restriction , therefore , lower fuel pressures . Dpf and doc were removed 5 months ago and were cleaned and baked.

What kind of truck is the 2012 ProStar?

2012 Intl Prostar Super 10 Tri-axle dumptruck,18′ 1/2 round dump bed, 435 hp Maxxforce motor, 10 speed manual trans, all tires 80% or better, 20 lb fr… 2012 International ProStar, 42210, One Owner, Fleet Maintained, Nice Tractor,Power Windows and Locks. Heated Motor Mirrors.

What kind of engine does an International ProStar have?

I am working on a 2012 International with a Maxxforce 13. Truck idles good, but if you rev it it will black smoke and when you drive it it is down on … read more 2013 DD15 intermitent turbo boost pressure surges. My boost 2013 DD15 intermitent turbo boost pressure surges.

What kind of boost does a 2013 ProStar have?

2013 DD15 intermitent turbo boost pressure surges. My boost pressure will surge 2 to 3 psi intermittently with a corresponding increase in the turbo whine. This seems to only occur when the engine is … read more

Is the 2013 Maxforce having a low boost?

I have a 2013 Maxforce having low boost. I checked the actuator and it works so then I plugged the Actuator to see if that make any difference. I am having about 7 psi more boost after plugging it and it pulls good on hills too and also as soon as the turbo kicks in I hear screeching sound.

Is the MaxxForce 13liter a low torque engine?

I have seen this problem before after a repair. the line is a low torque then a turn. By the way the maxxforce family of engines cover ever thing from a 7 liter v8 to the maxxforce DT {former DT466 and DT570} Then the maxxforce 13liter.

How much does a MaxxForce 13 fan conversion cost?

2012 International Prostar Daycab with Maxxforce 13 – I had the dreaded Engine Fan Bearing Fail and the truck is covered with Oil. I know that the dealership can install a conversion kit for the engine fan to be belt driven rather that engine driven, but their price with Labor was going to be around $10,000.