Is the Honda XR400 a good bike?

Is the Honda XR400 a good bike?

Its a good bike. Its not the fastest bike in the world, buts its fairly dependable. In all seriousness, it’s a good all around bike that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and with the free mods can be a very fun bike.

How reliable is an XR400?

The XR 400 is as reliable as any dirt bike out there, however they are somewhat intollerant of neglect. As long as you change the oil very regularly and service the air filter often things will be OK.

Is the Honda XR good?

The XR is a highly dependable bike, from the motor to the running gear; it will not let you down. Some people however do experience difficulty kick starting these old bikes when they’re hot.

How do you start a Honda XR400R?

AssClown SuperPowers

  1. turn on gas and full choke.
  2. lay bike over until gas runs out overflow (filling the float bowl)
  3. turn up idle.
  4. pull in the decomp and kick a couple times.
  5. kick thru slow until finding TDC.
  6. bring back to top and then kick thru healthy (agreed, no throttle)
  7. do 5 and 6 again until starts.

When did Honda stop making the XR400?

Honda had stopped making XR’s in 2014, although 2016 saw the new XR650L which is still in production today. As there are many different versions of the XR, production finished in earlier years for other models.

Where can I buy a Honda XR400R motorcycle?

This is the spot to talk about the Honda XR250R & XR400R . Find new & used XR250/400R motorcycles & parts for sale, XR250/400R reviews, and browse owner garages & mods. XR250R Help needed please!

How tall is the Honda XR400 Motard in inches?

810 mm / 31,9 in – XR400 Motard Overall height 1240 mm / 48,8 in – XR400R 1140 mm / 44,9 in – XR400 Motard Seat height 930 mm / 36,6 in – XR400R 855 mm / 33,7 in – XR400 Motard Wheelbase 1425 mm / 56,1 in – XR400R 1450 mm / 57,1 in – XR400 Motard Ground clearance 310 mm / 12,2 in – XR400R 220 mm / 8,7 in – XR400 Motard Dry weight

Is the Honda XR400R street legal in California?

Street legalization wasn’t always possible, depending on the motor vehicle department rules in your jurisdiction, but this seller, based in Santa Rosa, managed to pull it off. Check out that new rubber!

What kind of warranty does Honda XR have?

The XR is the choice of 90 percent of adventure tour/off-road rental companies for a reason: It is dead reliable and Honda backs that claim with a six-month warranty.Honda removed the airbox snorkel for our test, but otherwise the $5299 bike stayed stone stock with EPA-lean jetting and the engine ran perfectly at all rpm.

Is the Honda XR400R dirt bike legal?

That fact makes it a little long in the tooth in this crowd; nevertheless, the XR remains a slim, nimble bike with outstanding steering, proven reliability and affordability, no pesky radiators to squish and all the equipment needed to be legal anywhere, anytime.

Can a Honda XR400 restoration be added to YouTube?

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How many miles does a Honda XR 400R have?

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Is the Honda XR a good dirt bike?

Firm enough but still a great place to sit for long distances. All of the control efforts are reasonable, and the XR requires minimal care to provide many years of service.The handling is very nimble with tight steering, yet the bike is comfortable in fifth gear as well.