Is the Yamaha V Star air cooled?

Is the Yamaha V Star air cooled?

The new Yamaha V Star 250 it is equipped wita a air-cooled, 249cc, 60-degree V-twin engine with a long 66mm stroke produces plenty of bottom-end torque and smooth roll-on power.

How much HP does a 650 V star have?

Yamaha XVS 650 V Star Custom

Make Model Yamaha XVS 650 V-Star Custom
Starting Electric
Max Power 40 hp / 29.2 kW @ 6500 rpm
Max Torque 50.9 Nm / 37.5 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
Clutch Wet, multiple disc

How can I make my V-Star 650 faster?

The intake on the V-Star 650 can be altered to increase performance. The easiest method is to install an aftermarket air filter to allow more air into the engine, thereby increasing power. You can also modify the air box to increase air flow.

How do I make my Yamaha V-Star 650 louder?

The exhaust assembly in a Yamaha V-Star contains a series of baffles and small exhaust pipes that quiet down the sound of the exhaust — but not everyone prefers a quiet bike. To make the V-star louder, you can remove the stock baffles from the exhaust, along with all the sound-deadening from the exhaust assembly.

Is the Yamaha V Star 650 air cooled?

The Yamaha V Star 650 is one of the lowest-maintenance motorcycles you can buy. The combination of a shaft drive, an air-cooled V-twin, and a low compression ratio of 9.0:1 mean that there’s little to do on the V-Star 650. (No fuel injection, though!) There were a few variants of the V Star 650 (much like the V Star 1100 ):

Is the VStar 650 engine a reputable seller?


How big is the engine on a Yamaha DragStar 650?

The Yamaha DragStar 650 (also known as the V Star 650 and the XVS650/XVS650A) is a motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Company. Contents. Background. Based on the Yamaha Virago 535 engine, the XVS650 (named V Star in USA) cylinders were bored an additional 5 mm to 81 mm and stroked 4 mm more to 63 mm, to net a displacement of 649 cc.

What kind of oil do I need for a Yamaha V Star 650?

You need SAE80 API “GL-4” hypoid gear oil such as Lucas Oil 80W-90. Tighten the bolt to 23 Nm / 17 lb-ft. Below is the maintenance schedule for the Yamaha V Star 650 (a.k.a. the XVS650) range of motorcycles. From 24000 mi (37000 km) or 36 months, repeat the maintenance intervals in the patterm shown.