What are the issues with a DAF XF truck?

What are the issues with a DAF XF truck?

The problem is usually the exhaust brake solenoid, which is positioned alongside the engine and therefore prone to repeated expansion due to heat followed by contraction on cooling leading to a gap. Click here to view all of the used DAF XF trucks we have in stock. 12 issues used truck buyers should be aware of.

What are the fault codes for DAF ABS?

– Short-circuit in the wiring between the terminal D5 and / or D6 terminal computer (D850) Wiring Connecting other sensor wheel slip at the points of connection of wheel slip sensors (F514) – Too big a gap between the ring wheel slip sensors and sensor wheel slippage – Short to power supply in the contact D9 ECU (D850).

Why is my DAF brake wear warning light not working?

Common problem. if you follow the wiring from the sensors you will see that it runs in a plastic conduit . the conduit rubs the wires inside and breaks. you will need to trace each one by slicing through the conduit and inspecting the condition of the wires.

Is there a way to bypass the DAF LF warning light?

This is a daf lf. I’ve earthed pin 6a on a 09 daf LF worked a treat now have the same problem on a 2013. New sensors and pads fitted a few months ago looked for pin 6a the wiring is different has anyone found a way to bypass the newer LF?

Is the exhaust system warning DAF UK drivers?

Ours are doing this aswell, one of them got that blocked up it ran on limited power even though i had a full tank of adblue and had just had visited the daf dealer to get the inlet holes drilled bigger, ended up just getting a hole cut out so the adblue can get through.

Is there a DAF dealer in the UK?

Also, anytime the Engine warning lamps comes on during driving, the engine power derates to like 10mph with very thick black smoke emerging from the exhaust, Please help as am confused and worried. I need your help as there is no DAF dealer here. N.B.

How long does it take DAF to clean exhaust system?

Right this is a 5 minute job in daf, but sitting in the drivers room you dont see what they do. The daf guy just told me they clean out the ad blue excess crystallized build up. Ive had this 4 times already on a 59 plate. Whereabouts do the clean, i take it this is just with warm water. They don’t replace any sort of filter do they?