What are the problems with a Volvo E PROM?

What are the problems with a Volvo E PROM?

Fuel Intake Carbon Removal Engine Dies After Starting, Won’t Idle; Needs Intake Cleaning Poor Idle: Injectors Need Cleaning Poor Cold Idle: ECU E-Prom Needs Update Idle Speed Control Problems Start or Stall Problems:

Why does my Volvo engine cut out at speed?

Hunting Idle; Faulty TPS or ECT High Idle at Startup: TPS Failure Idle Surge, High Idle, Poor Idle: Vacuum Leak Slight Backfiring While Coasting; TPS Mis-adjusted Symptoms Related to Electrical Malfunctions: Sudden Cut-Out While Driving; Electrical Causes Engine Cuts Out at Speed: Ignition Power Stage Failure

What kind of problems does the Volvo 960 have?

[Editor: 960/90 series cars suffer from numerous wiring and electrical troubles, all explained in the 960 section Emission Control Problems (High HC, CO, NOx): Emission Control Problems: High HC, CO or NOx Abbreviations: AMM = Air Mass Meter ECT = Engine Coolant Temperature sensor

What are the symptoms of a Volvo B6304 engine?

Symptoms for B6304 engines used in the Volvo 960/90 series cars with Bosch Motronic are covered in a separate 960 file. Diesel symptoms are covered in the diesel file. Some notes relate to carburetted cars: they are identified as such. General Symptoms and B2XX Series Engines: Don’t Panic: Diagnose First Before Concluding the Worst! Idle Problems:

What causes a Volvo Car to stall during turn?

Rich Running Problems: General Diagnostic Notes Car Stalls; Bad FPR Likely Cause Car Stalls During Turn; Bad Fuel Pre-Pump Likely Cause Poor Performance; Rich Mixture Smell: Diagnostics; Faulty FPR Poor Perfomance, Bad Acceleration: Faulty FPR

What are the problems with the Volvo engine?

Turbo Suffers Severe Misfire: Leaking Intake System Engine Cuts Out; Rich Running: Turbo Electrical Harness Degradation Turbo Stalls at Low RPM: Failed CBV Valve Diaphragm 760T Misfires; FI Resistor Pack Defective Hot Start Problems: Faulty Hall Sensor Hot Start Problem: Power Stage Overheats Diesel Engine Symptoms.

What are the diagnostic codes for a Volvo?

Hesitation, Poor Idle: ECU Failure with Codes 2-3-1; 2-3-2 Loss of Power; Rough Running; Knocking: Bad Engine Knock Sensor Retarded Timing or Knock Sensor Code: Wiring Interference Rough Running; Cylinder Diagnosis Hunting Idle; Faulty TPS or ECT