What does a Stenner Pump do?

What does a Stenner Pump do?

Maintaining the proper pH of swimming pool water increases the effectiveness of sanitizers and prevents premature wear of equipment and pool surfaces. Stenner peristaltic metering pumps are often used to inject sodium hypochlorite for sanitization and muriatic acid to adjust the pH.

What does a Stenner pump do?

How deep can a peristaltic pump work?

1 Because the peristaltic pumps operate by creating a vacuum, these devices can only be used to purge ground water from depths below ground surface (bgs) or approximately 25 feet or less (the vacuum limit). 1.2.

How many PSI does a Stenner pump have?

Stenner Pump Company recommends that all metering pumps undergo field calibration by means of analytical testing to confirm their outputs. *Injection check valve is included with pump rated 26-100 psi (1.8-6.9 bar). USA and Canada 800.683.2378, International 904.641.1666 7

Are there any disclaimers in the Stenner pump manual?

DISCLAIMER The information contained in this manual is not intended for specific application purposes. Stenner Pump Company reserves the right to make changes to prices, products, and specifications at any time without prior notice. TRADEMARKS

How does a Stenner metering pump get repaired?

SERVICE & REPAIRS Before returning a pump for warranty or repair, remove chemical from pump tube by running water through the tube, and then run the pump dry. Following expiration of the warranty period, Stenner Pump Company will clean and overhaul any Stenner metering pump for a minimum labor charge plus necessary replacement parts and shipping.

How to return a Stenner peristaltic pump order?

To return merchandise at any time, call Stenner at 800.683.2378 for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. A 15% re-stocking fee will be applied. Include a copy of your invoice or packing slip with your return. DAMAGED OR LOST SHIPMENTS All truck shipments: Check your order immediately upon arrival.