What does bad pool caller mean?

What does bad pool caller mean?

BAD POOL CALLER is a Blue Screen of Death error, often caused by hardware or software incompatibility, driver errors, or overclocking. To stop getting blue screen errors, make sure no faulty hard drive is involved and scan your computer for viruses by using the best antivirus software.

How do you fix a bad pool caller?

How to Fix Bad Pool Caller Error on Windows 10

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Remove recently installed programs.
  3. Check for driver updates.
  4. Uninstall recent Windows updates.
  5. Use System Restore to revert the computer to a previous state.
  6. Boot to the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool to see if memory is to blame for the error.

How do I fix stop code bad pool header?

How to fix Bad Pool Header in Windows 10?

  1. Unplug your external devices.
  2. Undo recent changes.
  3. Temporarily disable your third-party antivirus.
  4. Make use of Windows Update.
  5. Update your drivers.
  6. Check your disk.
  7. Diagnose your RAM.
  8. Disable Indexing Service / Windows Search.

How do you fix bad pool caller?

How to Fix 0x000000C2 Bad Pool Caller in Windows 10 Way 1. Check Recently Installed Hardware or Software Way 2. Go to Event Viewer and Check What Cause the Bad Pool Caller Way 3. Do a Hard Drive Checking Way 4. Update Drivers and Fix Bad Pool Caller BSoD

How do I fix bad_pool_caller?

Solution 1: Enter Safe Mode if Necessary.

  • Solution 2: Run Driver Verifier Manager.
  • Solution 3: Update Drivers.
  • Solution 3: Use Memory Diagnostic Tool.
  • Solution 4: Run Windows Disk Check.
  • Solution 5: Check the Hard Drive.
  • Solution 6: Uninstall Anti-malware Software.
  • Solution 7: Change System Settings.
  • What is the message “Bad pool caller”?

    The Bad Pool Caller error is a kind of Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error, often comes with a stop error code 0x000000C2. Windows operating system stores a series of needed files in the “data pool”. And the “data pool” allows your computer to read all needed files whenever it needs them.

    How-to fix a bad_pool_caller error?

    Reboot Your Computer. The first step you can take is to restart your computer to see if it can steer away from the Bad Pool Caller blue screen issue.

  • Run an Anti-virus Scan. Malware or virus infection may also cause the BSOD Bad Pool Caller error since they may infect system file and data.
  • Undo Recent Computer Changes to Fix Bad Pool Caller Error.