What does black smoke mean on a Cummins Engine?

What does black smoke mean on a Cummins Engine?

Black smoke means you need to check for: Faulty fuel injectors: If your engine has faulty injectors, they can cause a return flow or drop in fuel pressure, which alters the amount of fuel reaching the engine. Faulty injector pump: Pumps affect the fuel pressure and injectors directly, and a faulty pump can do a lot of expensive damage.

What’s the best way to troubleshoot a Cummins Engine?

The most important step to diesel engine troubleshooting is identifying the source of your engine complication. You can typically narrow down the possibilities by first documenting exactly what problem you’re facing. By understanding the area that isn’t functioning properly, you can find the most probable diagnosis.

What causes low compression in a Cummins Engine?

Low engine compression: If there isn’t sufficient pressure, the engine cannot generate enough heat to ignite the fuel. Generally, this issue is more prevalent in engines with higher mileage.

What causes a Cummins diesel engine to run rough?

Engine and pump timing out: If the pumps endure fuel starvation, the timing can go off and cause them to operate improperly. The pumps affect fuel pressure and can result in improper burning. Low engine compression: In addition to causing the engine to run rough or not start, low compression can also produce white smoke.

How long has my truck had no power?

The truck had no power for the previous 2-3 months. Mechanics did pull the engine and they just finished up putting the new one in. The mechanics never had an explanation for the engine spewing out that oil.

How can I tell if my Cummins engine is having a problem?

The best ways to identify if this is the problem is first to make sure the tank has enough fuel. Next, check whether or not the pump is actually delivering fuel to the engine. If those are both correct, check if the pressure is low. Low cranking speed: The engine needs to turn over quickly for the fuel pump to generate pressure.

What can go wrong with a Cummins diesel engine?

What Can Go Wrong With Cummins Diesel Engines? 1 1. Engine Not Starting or Hard to Start. In some cases, diesel engines will flat-out refuse to start. When an engine experiences difficulties starting 2 2. Running Rough at a Lower RPM. 3 3. Lack of Power. 4 4. Black Smoke. 5 5. White Smoke.

What causes diesel smoke at Capital Reman exchange?

Diagnosing Causes of Diesel Smoke at Capital Reman Exchange Black smoke is the most common smoke color coming from a diesel engine and most likely indicates something is wrong during the combustion of the diesel fuel. When diagnosing the problem the first place to look at is the mixture of air and fuel flow into the cylinders.