What does code 61 on the Thermo King mean?

What does code 61 on the Thermo King mean?

Code 61 has a yellow status, which needs checking as specified. This error code indicates there is a low battery voltage in your Thermo King reefer. The design of the in-cab controller lets the voltage go through the on/off switches before the in-cab controller.

What happens if the error code is not a current code?

Also if the code set is a historic code (not a constant light) after 50 start and run cycles of at least 30 seconds each in duration, the light will extinguish itself as long as the error hasn’t occurred again. If it were a current code, the light would remain lit while running. Above codes can also be set if 02 sensor fails.

What should the voltage drop be on a battery?

Agree 100% also has the battery been load tested. 9.6 is considered min crank volts 11+ is normal. Voltage drop test? So, if I recall correctly, measure voltage at the battery posts, not the clamps, during cranking. It shouldn’t drop below 9.6 or so.

Why does my Generator have a low voltage reading?

A bad capacity will result in a low voltage reading from the generator as the power being generated will be from the residual magnetism of the rotor (usually about 2-5V). To test a capacitor, a multi-meter that can test capacitance is required.

How many alarm codes are in the Thermo King?

850+ alarms, each containing valuable insights into fleet performance – and each one a potential conversation starter with customers! You can find out more about Thermo King Alarm Codes, part of our Road Tools range, here.

What does it mean when your thermopile voltage is low?

Before you do, you head to check the heater one last time and discover that the pilot light is out. Surely there must be a mistake, so you reset the pilot light. Only a few minutes pass, and it goes out again. You get the blinking red code that lets you know that means thermopile voltage low.