What does the WARN engine light mean?

What does the WARN engine light mean?

The check engine light — more formally known as the malfunction indicator lamp — is a signal from the car’s engine computer that something is wrong. If the light begins flashing, however, it indicates a more serious problem, such as a misfire that can quickly overheat the catalytic converter.

How do you reset the check engine light on a international truck?

Turn the left turn signal one. Now push up on the left cruise button and down on the right. Now rock them back and forth opposite of each other. Depending on the settings in the ESC, this will reset the codes in the controller.

Are there any issues with the 2000 dt466e?

Walkerv thanks for the heads up on the injectors. It’s not noticeable on cold start. It runs perfect thru all rpms until it gets to 180. TVA it starts fine either way. I was running it last night to get it to temperature, it seems to idle ok after 180 degrees.

What causes low fuel pressure on international dt466e?

A fuel filter or clogged fuel strainer could cause high restriction and low fuel pressure because of dirt or fuel jelling in cold ambient temperatures. — Replace fuel filter, clean strainer and re-test. Debris in the fuel regulator valve will cause low fuel pressure.–Refer to Test 2B.

Why is my 2000 dt466e losing coolant?

If cooling wasn’t holding pressure it’s either A leaking externally outside the engine or B going into the engine which would show up in oil or you would smell it coming out the exhaust and he said he doesn’t see anything in the oil. Plus would be losing coolant too. It’s not losing coolant and the oil i drained out was good.

What makes a DT466 diesel truck go limp?

The engine is new, the injectors are all new, the MAP Sensor is new, the Baro Sensor is new, the Cam Sensor is new, the High Pressure Oil Pump is new, the fuel sensor and regulators are new, the computer is new. The truck will crank, and then go into a limp mode and blow tons of white smoke out of the stack. Any ideas would be appreciated.