What engines fit a Mk4 golf?

What engines fit a Mk4 golf?

The Golf/Jetta Mk4 engine choices included 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.3 litre VR5, 2.8 litre V6 and 3.2 litre R32 petrol engines, 1.9-litre naturally aspirated diesel SDI engine, and a 1.9-litre turbodiesel, with power ranging from 90 to 150 PS (66 to 110 kW).

Is the Volkswagen Golf MK4 a good car?

The fourth generation Golf delivers luxury, quality and refinement in a very safe package. Rivals may look or drive better, but none offer the Golf’s superb cabin and solid but understated image. It costs more than most small family cars, but depreciation is slow and running costs are reasonable.

Is a MK4 golf a classic car?

Yet despite its advancing years, the design approach of evolution rather than revolution means that, even today, the Mk4 looks relatively modern. Yet despite being a handsome car, the Mk4 Golf somehow still feels a long way from being a classic – more so, in fact, than a good number of its contemporaries.

What kind of car is a 2002 Volkswagen Golf?

Consumer Ratings Rank Vehicles HP #2 2004 Ford Focus 170 #3 2005 Kia Spectra 138 #4 2006 Hyundai Elantra 132 #7 2002 Volkswagen Golf 115

What’s the difference between a Volkswagen Golf Mk3 and Mk4?

As you can imagine, the Volkswagen MK3 Golf came with many different engines. As like the MK3’s above, Volkswagen MK4 (MKIV) means fourth generation of a specific model (Jetta, Golf, GTI, or New Beetle). These vehicles were built on the “A4” Volkswagen platform (PQ34), or the MK4 (MKIV) chassis.

When did the VW Golf Mk4 R32 come out?

The ultimate Mk4 Tuning car is no other that the Volkswagen Golf Mk4 R32. This little beauty was introduced in 2004 and came fully equipped with a gorgeous body kit, Aristos 18″ wheels, sport suspension, big brakes, 4 motion (4 wheel drive), Konïg bucket seat only to name a few options.

What kind of engine does a Volkswagen Mk4 have?

These early models came with a choice of engines, the atmospheric 2.0L, the 1.9L Diesel, the 1.8 Turbo and the Vr6 who was a favorite amongst youngsters in their previous mk3 production. The Mk4 Golf and Mk4 Jetta became rapidly a favorite for many because of the massive amount of available tuning options.