What happened to Fagor?

What happened to Fagor?

Fagor America will be shutting down operations after its parent company in Spain announced it would close, HomeWorld Business has learned. If you have a Fagor that you like, keep using it! There’s nothing wrong with Fagor pressure cookers; this closing is entirely about finances.

Where is Fagor manufactured?

Basque Country, Spain
Fagor is a large domestic and commercial appliance manufacturer based in the Basque Country, Spain. It is run by the Mondragon Corporation.

Who manufactures Fagor?

Fagor Professional is part of the ONNERA Group business group, dedicated to providing equipment solutions for the food service, laundry and refrigeration application industries. It is also its parent company. ONNERA Group has 9 manufacturing plants, 35 business offices and more than 2200 employees all over the world.

Did Zavor buy Fagor?

Fagor America and Zavor America are 2 different legal entities and Zavor has no affiliation with Fagor. The only ties between the two are a few staff members that are former Fagor employees, and therefore Zavor America has no responsibility to cover or service Fagor products.

Who owns Zavor?

Market Solutions Group
LYNDHURST, N.J.—After the demise of the Spanish cookware and small electrics brand Fagor last year, several former employees banded together to form a new company—Market Solutions Group—to continue with a new brand, called Zavor, both of which will make an International Home + Housewares Show debut this March.

What kind of home appliances does Fagor make?

About Fagor. Fagor manufactures products in many major household appliances categories, including ranges, ovens, cooktops, range hoods, refrigerators, and wine coolers. This brand is best known for producing innovative high quality appliances with outstanding performance, focusing on energy efficiency and eco-friendly living.

What happens to the Fagor brand in America?

The dissolution of the Fagor brand in America leaves a team of talented individuals – whom I have personally met – with an established retail distribution chain and proven track record of locally conceived, developed and marketed products which found success in the U.S. marketplace. Could a new brand be in the works?

What are the features of a Fagor gas range?

In addition to ranges, Fagor also offers a wide variety of gas and induction cooktops. Fagor’s gas cooktops feature powerful sealed burners for easy cleaning, continuous grates for quickly transferring pots, and that same great flame failure feature for added safety.

What kind of fan does Fagor Crystal Arco have?

The Fagor Crystal Arco Wall Mount Hoods have 600 CFM blowers, 3-speed fans, and halogen lighting operated by electronic touch controls. In addition to that, all Fagor ventilation hoods are made with high quality dishwasher-safe stainless steel filters. Shop Appliances Connection today for Fagor appliances that are right for you!