What is an Xserve?

What is an Xserve?

The Apple Xserve (MB449LL/A) is a reliable server featuring Xeon Quad Core processor with a clock speed of 2.26 GHz. Plus, the rack-mountable 1U server has a storage capacity of 160 GB and 3072 MB DDR3 SDRAM memory. It supports Apple MacOS X 10.5.

How do I set up Xserve?

Follow these instructions to install the Xserve in an equipment rack.

  1. Installation Summary.
  2. 1 Remove the shipping material.
  3. 2 Assemble a pair of slide rails that are the right length for your rack.
  4. 3 Install the rails loosely in the rack.
  5. 4 Align and secure the rails.
  6. 5 Slide the Xserve into the rack.

Does Apple still make a server?

macOS Server lets you set up and manage multiple Mac computers and iOS devices, right from your Mac. And it’s so simple to use, you don’t need an IT department.

Is Windows built on Linux?

Now Microsoft is bringing the heart of Linux into Windows. Thanks to a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, you can already run Linux applications in Windows. The Linux kernel will run as what’s called a “virtual machine,” a common way of running operating systems within an operating system.

What kind of computer is the Xserve server?

Xserve is a line of rack unit computers designed by Apple Inc. for use as servers.

How big is the xrackpro2 server rackmount enclosure?

Call 310-320-5563 or email [email protected] for more information. noise reduction, air filtration, added security and mobility. XRackPro2 server rack from GizMac Accessories, LLC is an industry standard 19 inch rack, that measures (48.2 cm) width.

How much does a Xserve Cluster computer cost?

System X is one such cluster computer built with Xserves. Three configuration options were available: a single-processor model at US$2999, a dual-processor model at $3999, and a dual-processor cluster node model (with an unchanged appearance from the G4 cluster node) at US$2999.

What can the Xserve Cluster node be used for?

The Xserve can be used for a variety of applications, including file server, web server or even high-performance computing applications using clustering – a dedicated cluster Xserve, the Xserve Cluster Node, without a video card and optical drives was also available. On November 5, 2010, Apple announced that…