What is clinical supervision in social work?

What is clinical supervision in social work?

In this article, the term clinical supervision is defined as a formal process of professional support and learning which enables individual practitioners to develop knowledge and competence, and is acknowledged to be a life-long process (Edwards et al. 2005; Simpson & Sparkes 2008).

How do I become a Lcsw supervisor?

LCSW Professional Clinical Social Work Experience

  1. Supervisor shall have met with the applicant an average of at least 4 hours each month to discuss client cases and treatment procedures.
  2. Only experience supervised by an LCSW will be acceptable to meet the professional experience requirement.

What is the going rate for LCSW supervision?

Q: How much will it cost me to contract for LCSW supervision? A: Supervisors set their own prices and there is no set amount. The range seems to vary from about $25.00 per hour to $100.00 per hour.

How do social workers prepare for supervision?

Meet at a regularly scheduled time with supervisor each week. Be prepared. Bring questions, observations, & requests for input & feedback. Use the time to examine your performance & explore new ideas.

How do you conduct clinical supervision?

Tips for Therapists in Clinical Supervision

  1. Choose someone who is an experienced supervisor and who is willing to take a proactive role.
  2. Talk about your supervisory relationship.
  3. Be proactive in your relationship with your supervisor.
  4. Don’t be defensive when your supervisor gives you feedback.

How do I become a good clinical supervisor?

Top 6 Qualities of a Great Clinical Supervisor

  1. Ethical. Obviously, you want to look for a clinical supervisor that is ethical in their therapy practice as well as how they handle supervision situations, conflict of interests, etc.
  2. Professional.
  3. Knowledgeable.
  4. Compatible.
  5. Mentorship.
  6. Convenient.

Who can an LCSW supervise?

You can’t just pick anyone for being a supervisor. The professional must have experience and maintain their LCSW, and they need to keep track of your meetings (dates), take notes, and help you to submit a two page document at the end of your work together in order to register for taking the LCSW exam.

How do you provide clinical supervision?

How do you get supervised clinical experience?

To qualify for the CSW license, the law requires a minimum of 2,000 hours of experience in clinical psychosocial diagnosis, assessment, and treatment, including psychotherapy or counseling. Of these 2,000 hours, a minimum of 750 must be face-to-face individual or group psychotherapy.

What do you discuss in clinical supervision?

What do therapists talk about in clinical supervision?

  • Issues pertaining to current clients.
  • Overall development of social work/therapy skills.
  • Development of professional self.
  • Issues related to current employment.

What are clinical supervision skills?

Clinical supervision Supervision includes an ongoing professional workforce relationship, between two or more staff members with different levels of knowledge or expertise, for the purposes of support and the Page 8 8 sharing/enhancing of knowledge and skills to support professional development.