What is Honda VTEC-E?

What is Honda VTEC-E?

VTEC-E (for “Efficiency”) is a form of VTEC that closes off one intake valve at low RPMs to give good economy at low power levels, while “VTEC” is a mode that allows for greater power at high RPMs, while giving relatively efficient performance at “normal” operating speeds.

What car did the JDM d15b come in?

Thanks for the message. I found on Wiki (probably not a valid source of info for this) that this engine (D15B w/130hp – that’s what I was told when I purchased this engine) came in the 1991-1995 Honda CRX Del Sol VXi EG1 (America Market).

What kind of engine does a JDM Honda Civic have?

JDM Honda Civic 1.7L D17A 2001-2005 VTEC Used Engine… JDM 2.3L Honda Accord 1998-2002 VTEC BAXA MAXA Automatic… JDM Honda Accord 2.3L F23A 1998-2002 Replacement VTEC… 1998-2002 Accord VTEC 2.3L Automatic JDM BAXA MAXA… Buyer must determine compatibility into his / her vehicle.

What kind of engine does a JDM del Sol have?

Used JDM Honda Del Sol OEM Replacement Rear 1992-1997… Honda JDM S2000 AP1 Replacement BBS 5×114 Staggered… Used JDM Honda AP1 BBS Forged S2000 5×114.3 16×7.5JJ… Used JDM Honda Prelude 2.3L H23A DOHC OBD1 BB4 Replacement… Used JDM Acura HID DC2 Type-R Integra 1994-2001 Headlight… Used JDM Honda Accord SiR / Prelude 2.0L F20B DOHC…

Where is the ECU located in a Honda?

Look for the 0 in that position for manual. The ECU is generally located in the passenger compartment instead of the engine bay. This helps keep it clean and dry and away from extreme temperatures. It is a computer, after all. OBD0 cars – usually located under a metal plate in the passenger seat footwell

What kind of engine does a JDM racing car use?

Used Honda Accord 2.3L F23A Replacement VTEC 1998-2002… Used Honda Momo Racing Aftermarket s2000 AP1 Steering… Used JDM Acura RSX 2002-2006 Y2M3 LSD 6-Speed Manual… Used Acura RSX 2002-2006 K20A 2.0L DOHC VTEC DC5 Engine… Used Honda S2000 AP1 F20C 2.0L VTEC DOHC Engine Swap… Used DC2 Acura Integra DB8 Type-R JDM REAR GSR Strut…