What is SCR and its types?

What is SCR and its types?

A silicon controlled rectifier or semiconductor-controlled rectifier is a four-layer solidstate current-controlling device. The name “silicon controlled rectifier” is General Electric’s trade name for a type of thyristor. SCRs are mainly used in electronic devices that require control of high voltage and power.

What is a NOX conversion?

It is converter using a special catalyst which efficiently converts NO2 in sample gas to NO. Description. In the high temperature combustion processes, the nitrogen contained in the air reacts with the oxygen producing oxides of nitrogen in the forms of monoxide (NO) and dioxide (NO2).

How do I know if my NOX sensor is bad?

NOx Sensor Problems Most times, this will be immediately obvious due to the illumination of your ‘Engine Warning’ light in the dashboard cluster, along with symptoms such as unstable idle, juddering/jerking while driving, and excessive fuel consumption.

When to set SPN 4364 / FMI 18?

SPN 4364/FMI 18 Description This code sets when the Aftertreatment Control Module (ACM) detects that the Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) NOx Conversion efficiency is low.

Is the SPN 4364 code active or inactive?

According to the diagnostic tree on Quickserve, first step is to check for other codes active or inactive. There are no other codes in the system. Truck is a 2013 Volvo 670 ISX 2250 (400ST)<—-I know. It’s a used big name company truck. Just under 370,000 miles. Truck is stock and runs fine. Boost is normal. All temps are normal.

What is SPN 4364 on a VNL 780?

I have a SPN 4364 Fmi 1 fault code on 2016volvo vnl 780 d13 engine. I’m being told at first dealer that it was traced back a turbocharger arm locking up, 2nd dealer- doser valve, inlet and outlet nox sensor.

What does’scr NOx conversion efficiency low’mean on Detroit Diesel?

What does ‘SCR NOx conversion efficiency low’ mean on Detroit Diesel DD13, DD15, DD16? Fault codes associated with Selective Catalyst Reduction ( SCR) NOx efficiency low are the most dreaded codes you will find on the Detroit Diesel application and can drive your costs high.