What is the difference between a YZ 125 and a TTR 125?

What is the difference between a YZ 125 and a TTR 125?

The TTR125 is a simple play/trail bike. The YZ125 is a two stroke competition motocross bike with over twice the peak horsepower and state of the art suspension. If you intend to race, it is the only choice. If you plan to trail ride, the TTR is a fun reliable play bike.

How fast is a TTR 125 Yamaha go?

The TTR 125 has quite a low top speed of 45 to 55 mph, because nobody cares for top speed on a tiny cross bike. You could change the top speed by changing the transmission ratio of the chain drive, so you either use a toothed wheel with one or more teeth more, or you choose a smaller toothed wheel at the rear wheel.

What’s the difference between TTR and YZ?

Crmx913. TTR’s are more of a trail rider/getting into the sport kind of bike, though a TTR230 (biggest TTR) might be a bit small for you. A YZ (2-stroke) or YZF (four-stroke) is a motocross bike.

What is the best 125 4 stroke dirt bike?

Best 125cc 4 -stroke Dirt Bike 2021:

Products Ratings Price
The Honda CRF125F 7 Check Price
The Yamaha TT-R125LE 8 Check Price
The Kawasaki KLX110 8 Check Price
The Suzuki DR-Z125L 7 Check Price

How much does a Yamaha TTR 125 dirt bike cost?

I’ve had the Yamaha TTR 125 for five years now. It’s been a phenomenal dirt bike over the years. This bike brings a variety of specs, including tremendous engine performance, reliability, and durability. We talk about the maximum speed, which is 45-55 MPH, and you can pick up this bike for as low as $1000 depending on the year it was made.

Which is cheaper the KTM 125sx or the Yamaha YZ125?

They get the same engine, suspension and chassis as the 2016 model for a fraction of the price. As for new bike prices, the YZ125 rusn about $400 cheaper than the KTM 125SX, but it is interesting to note that the 2016 YZ125 is $891 more expensive than the bike is is based on—the 2006 YZ125.

What’s the difference between a Yamaha 125 and YZ250F?

Over the years Yamaha has turned their YZ250F tank into one of the best handling four-stroke dirt bikes. The newer the model, the better it gets. The main difference between this bike and the 125 is that it’s top-heavy, meaning the center of gravity is at a higher location on the bike, causing it to be less stable.

Can a YZ80 shock fit a TT are 125?

And, no, the YZ80 shock does not fit the TT-R 125. While on that subject, pretty much none of the parts on the YZ80 fit on the TT-R 125. Generally we recommend that customers look at our aluminum frame kit for the TT-R motor.