What is the function of wiper motor?

What is the function of wiper motor?

The wiper motor gearbox is the housing that contains the gears and other parts required by the motor to perform its function. The parts reduce the speed of rotation, multiply torque, and transmit motion to the wiper linkage parts such as wiper arms and rods.

What is meant by wiper motor?

Noun. 1. wiper motor – electric motor that moves the windshield wiper. electric motor – a motor that converts electricity to mechanical work.

What is the rpm of wiper motor?

Product Specification

Motor Voltage 12V
Speed (Rpm) 45
Power (Watts or HP) 14
Rated Voltage 13.5 V
Current No load 1.5 A

How much does a windshield wiper motor cost?

A typical windshield wiper motor can cost you around $60 to $400+. Expect a higher price if your car is a rare vintage model, a luxury vehicle, or is manufactured by a foreign brand.

What does the wiper motor relay do?

The Windshield Wiper Motor Relay is a part of your windshield wiper system. It controls the voltage input to the wiper motor. The relay senses the position of the wipers and transmits power to the wipers they are in their parked position. When the driver turns on the wipers, the wiper motor output is transmitted through a worm-gear.

What is the power of a wiper motor?

In order for the wiper motor to move it needs a power source. The different power sources are the car batteries, voltages (12volts DC), current (minimum of 1.6 amps at 70 rpm; 1 amps at 41 rpm), computer batteries (12volts output) and other battery supplies that doe does not exceed the limit of 12 volts otherwise the motor is bound to overheat.

Where is the fuse for the wiper motor?

The main fuse for the wiper motor is the fuse #46. The fuse #46 is located in the IPDM. The IPDM is located in the engine compartment drivers side.