What is the meaning of soiled it?

What is the meaning of soiled it?

to make unclean, dirty, or filthy, especially on the surface: to soil one’s clothes. to smirch, smudge, or stain: The ink soiled his hands. to sully or tarnish, as with disgrace; defile morally: to soil one’s good name. SEE MORE. to become soiled: White soils easily.

What is soiled material?

Soil is a material composed of five ingredients — minerals, soil organic matter, living organisms, gas, and water. Soil minerals are divided into three size classes — clay, silt, and sand (Figure 1); the percentages of particles in these size classes is called soil texture. The mineralogy of soils is diverse.

What kind of word is soiled?

Soiled can be an adjective or a verb.

What does the term heavily soiled meaning?

Very dirty, well-used.

What does Souling mean?

souling. The act of asking or begging of donations of food.

What is the meaning of defecating in English?

Definition of defecate intransitive verb. : to discharge feces from the bowels. transitive verb. 12 : to discharge from the anus.

What does soiled mean in clothing?

Clothes and bed linens become soiled when they come into contact with things like urine, stool, or vomit. Washing soiled clothes and linens right away can help reduce the chance of infection from germs. Soiled clothes and linens can spread germs, so be sure to handle them with care and wear gloves.

What soiled clothes mean?

What is the make sentence of soiled?

1. His actions have soiled his family name. 2. The baby had soiled her diaper again.

What is a soul cake made of?

The cakes are usually filled with allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger or other sweet spices, raisins or currants, and before baking are topped with the mark of a cross to signify that these were alms.

What decade did trick or treating become popular in the United States?

Trick-or-treating does not seem to have become a widespread practice until the 1930s, with the first U.S. appearance of the term in 1932, and the first use in a national publication occurring in 1939.

What Defication means?

transitive verb. : to discharge from the anus. intransitive verb. : to discharge feces from the bowels.