What is transmission DT12?

What is transmission DT12?

The DT12 is a 12-speed non-synchronized manual transmission with pneumatic X-Y shift and clutch actuators. It features a single countershaft and an aluminum housing to minimize weight. It will be available in two input-torque ratings: 2,050 pounds-feet (789 pounds dry weight) and 1,650 pounds-feet (646 pounds).

How does the DT12 transmission work?

Intelligent Powertrain Management (IPM): The DT12® uses GPS technology and information from a topographical map to manipulate both engine and transmission functions, taking advantage of the truck’s surroundings.

What does IPM mean on a Freightliner Cascadia?

Intelligent Powertrain Management
Industry-standard, integrated power to pavement Spec’ing the Cascadia as intended with a Detroit DT12 transmission, a Detroit DD13 or DD15 engine, and Detroit axles means enabling Intelligent Powertrain Management (IPM) and unlocking the power of integrated powertrain technology.

What kind of transmission does Freightliner Cascadia 125 have?

2018 Freightliner Cascadia 125. DD-15 500 hp, Eaton 12 speed Automatic Transmission. Air ride Suspension. Alloy wheels. With premium extras. Lights, Sleeper entry on both sides. With full mainte… See More Details Comes with Remaining Extended Frieghtliner Warranty.

What kind of tires do Freightliner Cascadia trucks have?

2012 FREIGHTLINER, CASCADIA 125, Heavy Duty Trucks – Conventional Trucks w/ Sleeper, Detroit DD15, , Freightliner Cascadia, Detroit DD15, Newer 18-spe… Remaining Factory Warranty, 8-New Drive Tires, 72″ Double Bunk Sleeper, DD15 – 505 HP…. Create a MyTrader account for free.

Are there 2015 Freightliner Cascadia condo sleepers for sale?

Multiple 2015 Freightliner Cascadia Condo sleepers for sale with a Detroit DD15 engine and a 10 speed transmission. Hurry and call us here at American Motors to talk about our Big Rig inventory… See More Details Detroit DD15 14.8L 455hp with Engine brake.

What’s the problem with my Cascadia DT12 transmission?

Discussion in ‘ Freightliner Forum ‘ started by Ea4transport, Sep 19, 2018 . Same thing happens when I turn the engine brake on and it tries to downshift the gear but it won’t without several tries.