What is VP Internal Subject hypothesis?

What is VP Internal Subject hypothesis?

According to the VP-internal subject hypothesis, all subjects, even the subjects of active sentences, originate in VP and are moved to their surface position. It follows that in an active-passive coordinate structure the subject of the active verb in fact originates inside VP.

What is V to T movement in syntax?

V ⇒ T Movement: Move the head V to the head T. [EX 9] Verb Movement Parameter: All verbs raise (Irish, French) or only auxiliaries raise (English).

What is EPP in linguistics?

The extended projection principle (EPP) is a linguistic hypothesis about subjects. It was proposed by Noam Chomsky as an addendum to the projection principle.

What is an internal hypothesis?

Definition. The internal reinforcement hypothesis proposes that in retrieving a consolidated memory, two forms of learning take place, one based on the lack of external reinforcement (extinction learning) and one based on the internal existence of reinforcement (reminder learning).

What is the subject of a hypothesis?

Put simply, a hypothesis is a specific, testable prediction. More specifically, it describes in concrete terms what you expect will happen in a certain circumstance. A hypothesis is used to determine the relationship between two variables, which are the two things that are being tested.

What is T to C movement?

T-to-C movement as a specific instance of Head Movement then constitutes a syntactic operation preceeding further embedding. The blocking role of an otherwise permissible operation occurs within the syntactic generation of the higher operational cycle, namely the matrix CP, in which the raised CP is embedded.

Is English sentential negation a head or a specifier?

In the analysis sentential is treated as a functional head, which generates a maximal projection, Negation Phrase. A structural account is then provided for the observed changes in agreement phenomena and Case-marking in negated clauses in these languages.

What is case filter in syntax?

In syntax, a case filter is a filter which requires an (overtly realized) NP argument to be case marked, or be associated with a case position.

What is projection in syntax?

The Projection Principle simply states that when notating the syntactic structure of a sentence such as “John runs fast.”, we must specify at every level what lexical category each piece of the sentence belongs to Two common ways of notating the syntactic structure of a sentence under X-Bar Theory include bracketing …

What is a hypothesis math?

In mathematics, a hypothesis is an unproven statement which is supported by all the available data and by many weaker results.

What is do support in syntax?

Do-support (or do-insertion), in English grammar, is the use of the auxiliary verb do, including its inflected forms does and did, to form negated clauses and questions as well as other constructions in which subject–auxiliary inversion is required.

Does Muse T move to C in questions or in Declaratives?

In English yes-no questions (but not in declaratives), T moves to C.