What kind of disc pads do Suzuki motorcycles use?

What kind of disc pads do Suzuki motorcycles use?

GS1000 Front Disc Pads.. GS550 77/78/79 Front Disc Pads.. GS750 77/78/79 Front Disc Pads.. GS1000 ET Front Disc Pads.. GSX1000 SZ Katana Front Disc Pads.. GSX1100 SZ Katana Front Disc Pads..

How do you change disc brake pads on a motorcycle?

Begin by supporting your bike on the center or rear stand. Leave the fork free to turn because it’s advantageous to be able to rotate the front wheel for access. Next, with the caliper in place, loosen the pad retention hardware. This includes any retaining pins and clips.

Can a brake disc be replaced with a new disc?

New discs should be mated to new pads – the old ones will have worn to match the old rotors, will take for ever to ‘bed in’ and can even score the new disc. Some replacement discs come with a zinc coating so the unused area remains corrosion resistant.

Can you change brake discs on a pushbike?

If you haven’t got access to a dial gauge or vernier caliper and you think there’s a problem with the discs, you can pay a dealer to do the measuring part. As far as changing the discs goes, if you can remove a rear wheel from a 15-speed pushbike then you should be up to the demands of this job.

Where are the disc brakes on a motorcycle?

Many motorcycles have disc brakes on both the front and the rear, but some may only have them on the front wheel with drum brakes on the rear. This exploded diagram of a simple brake caliper helps illustrate the components and how they work.

How do you replace brake pads on a motorcycle?

Now you can put the new brake pads into place, put the spring plate (if your bike had one in the first place) back over them and insert the pin back into the caliper. If you removed tiny copper pins, be sure to put them back in place as well. You may find it to be easier to apply a tad bit of grease to the pin before screwing it back in.

How often should you change your disc brake pads?

Bleeding Motorcycle Brakes No matter how new your brake pads are, a huge part of disc brake maintenance is bleeding the fluid in your brake system. Bleeding your brakes can be a pretty simple job that should be done at least once a year no matter how often you ride.