What kind of manual transmission does Eaton make?

What kind of manual transmission does Eaton make?

Eaton offers fully synchronized and non-synchronized manual transmissions as well as automated manual transmissions across a full spectrum of applications. Original equipment manufacturers around the globe count on Eaton’s extensive experience in tailor-made solutions that enhance the overall vehicle efficiency, reliability, safety and drivability.

What kind of lubricant do you use in an Eaton Procision transmission?

PS-278 approved lubricants are the only accep table lubricant for the Procision transmission. Do not use PS-278 oil in other Eaton transmission models. Introduction of Approved Lubricant Logos To make identification of approved lubricants easier, new mandat ory logos were created.

When did Eaton transition to ps-386 lubricant?

OEM Production- All major OEMs have transitioned to the PS-386 approved lubricants. Aftermarket – Eaton recognized that there was a transition period until PS-164rev7 oils were eliminated in the market. Effective January 1, 2017, warranty coverage requires PS-386. Both PS-164rev7 and PS-386 oils can be mixed.

How does Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission work?

By aligning every powertrain component with IPM and enhancing connectivity with Detroit Connect ® telematics, fuel efficiency and uptime are fully optimized in the Cascadia. For more information about DT12 On-Highway Series Transmission models, visit DemandDetroit.com.

What kind of transmission does a Detroit engine use?

The DT style transmission is an in-house design for Detroit, designed to work with the Detroit engine. Overall a good transmission. The Eaton is a more generic transmission, designed to work with a wider variety of engines. Absolute crap in my personal opinion. ZVar and gentleroger Thank this. In a van down by the River.

What are the problems with an Eaton Fuller transmission?

Oil level too low or too high, wrong type of oil, or an operating angle of more than 12 degrees. 2. Operating consistently under 20 MPH. 3. High engine RPM. 4. Restricted air flow around transmission, due to the transmission being “boxed in” by frame rails, deck lids, fuel tanks and mounting brackets, or by a large bumper assembly.

What is the fault code for a Volvo transmission?

Common fault codes are TCM-002A, TCM-002B, P0733, P0734. If your Volvo transmission hesitates to shift gears, it bangs into gear; the problem could be the B4 servo.

What does it mean when your Volvo transmission says service required?

If you drive a Volvo, don’t be surprised if you get a warning message such as “transmission service required,” “transmission service urgent,” or a gear symbol with a “Service Required” message. Along with this error, you may also experience harsh shifting between gears or transmission stuck in ” Limp Mode .”

Is it safe to drive a Volvo with an automatic transmission?

If you are experiencing problems with your Volvo transmission, take a minute to become familiar with these problems. Volvo makes some of the safest cars on the road, but on the other hand, Volvos are known to have problems with their automatic transmission.