What to do if you get error on Tims account?

What to do if you get error on Tims account?

If you get error “ The Phone number is not authorized to receive a code. Th mobile number has been used to create multiple accounts ” then you need to visit NTSA office in upper hill with your original ID and same phone number for help. That is the only solution.

Where can I get new serial number for TIMS?

Try using the old ID’s serial number. If that does not work, the only remaining solution is to visit NTSA Upper Hill offic e Counter 4 or 3 so that they can update your serial number. If you cannot travel to their headquarters in Upper Hill, then you can visit any nearest NTSA Office in your county among those listed below to get help.

What to do if your kra pin does not match your ID?

If you are getting an error that your serial number or KRA pin does not exist or do not match then you might have replaced or changed your ID. Replacing Your ID leads to change of your serial number. Try using the old ID’s serial number.

What happens if pin _ err _ stale _ conf is changed?

If it detects, based on a change in the time_t value, that the configuration file has been opened, modified, or has otherwise changed since it first accessed the file (jeopardizing the ability of the routine to maintain correct reference to the last value read), it passes back PIN_ERR_STALE_CONF. In this case, you must restart the entire process.

Why does pin _ decimal not return a null pointer?

Do not pass a string with a hard-coded decimal point to ::pin_decimal because pin_decimal will return a NULL pointer in platforms that do not use a period for the decimal point character. This section defines the rounding modes that you pass as input parameters in the following functions:

What do you need to know about Oracle pin libraries?

This chapter provides reference information for Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Portal Information Network (PIN) libraries. Use these functions to read configuration files, such as pin.conf files.

Which is the decimal character in the pin function?

The pin_decimal function expects the decimal point character to be that of the locale. For US systems, this is a period; for most international platforms, it is a comma.