What to do if your front transmission seal is leaking?

What to do if your front transmission seal is leaking?

On some vehicles, removing the starter can help for a peek inside. A leaking front transmission seal will generally fling fluid around inside the bellhousing where a leaking engine rear main or oil pan seal may just drip to the outside.

Is it safe to drive with a leaking axle seal?

If the leaking axle seal does not get fixed soon and the transmission is slipping, you could cause permanent damage to the transmission. The severity of the leak affects how safe it is to drive with a leaking axle seal. If there is significant fluid loss, so much that it affects the transmission, the vehicle should not be driven.

What can cause a transmission line to leak?

A leak in the fluid lines can also be damaged by debris in the road. Furthermore, heat can cause cracks in the lines creating a leak as well. This drains the transmission fluid pretty fast, so it is best to go directly to the mechanic’s shop if this happens. Loose or broken seals can cause a leak in the transmission as well.

How much does it cost to repair a transmission line leak?

These lines are usually quite durable but if they get damaged from road debris or exposed to heat too often, then the lines can crack or even completely break. If you have fluid leaking from your transmission, the typical cost to repair the leak (without taking off the transmission) is between $150 and $200.

What happens when you have a transmission leak?

If you have a leak, you may see transmission fluid on the lines themselves. You may also find that the car is shifting hard. Finally, these leaks can cause the transmission to overheat. Leaking transmission cooling lines have to be replaced. Again, this isn’t a costly repair, because the leak is not coming from within the transmission.

How much does it cost to repair a leaking transmission line?

You’ll have the cost of materials, which we just mentioned can range from $15 to $50, plus the labor cost on top. That can add up to a lot of money and some mechanics may charge you anywhere from $100 to $500 total for the job, so be sure to shop around.

Why do I need to fix my transmission seal?

The front seals are responsible for keeping the transmission fluid in place. Any problem with transmission seals results directly in the fluid leak. Therefore, you want to make sure to get it fixed before causing major failures to your transmission.

What should I do if my transmission cooling line is leaking?

Sites like Autozone have a wide variety of transmission cooling line assemblies you can buy. Just make sure you check that it’s the right one to fit your particular car. Prices average anywhere from $15 to $50. In a pinch you can also use a sealant on the line if it’s leaking at a connector.