What was the problem with the Caterpillar CAT C7 engine?

What was the problem with the Caterpillar CAT C7 engine?

The ACERT Technology had a lot of problems for Caterpillar, first with the CAT C7 but more so later on with the CAT 13 and CAT 15 engines. The technology was really the first generation emissions technology for heavy duty diesel engines. The ACERT technology was prone to numerous regeneration issues. Drivers reported low power and low fuel economy.

What are the Cat diesel engine fluids recommendations?

Cat Commercial Diesel Engine Fluids Recommendations Special Publication For All 3500 Series, C175 Series and Smaller Commercial Diesel Engines SAFETY.CAT.COM i03991620 Important Safety Information Most accidents that involve product operation, maintenance and repair are caused by failure to observe basic safety rules or precautions.

What kind of valve actuation does cat C7 use?

Within the design of the C7, the turbos use variable geometry valve actuation controlled by the ECM to adjust the perfect amount of airflow into the combustion chamber. This variable valve actuation also allows for the CAT C7 to offer an integral jake brake on two of the heavy duty diesel horsepower models.

What kind of fuel does a cat C7 ACERT use?

In 2007 diesel fuel itself changed to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or ULSD. The fuel change dictated that the fuel system of the CAT C7 ACERT needed to change to a common-rail injection system. The new common-rail injectors took injection pressures to 25,000-27,500 psi. The fuel transfer pump supplies the fuel to the fuel rail at 280 psi.

What causes an idle motor to exaggerate the hunting?

Vacuum leaks are a big cause of exaggerating the hunting. The idle motor doesn’t have enough power to overcome a lot of “False Air” or air leaking into the induction system after the air sensor plate. A big and common source of leakage is old injector seals.

What is the problem with the idle air control valve?

The problem may involve an annoying change (up/down) of engine speed while cruising at a steady pace, a low drop (or even cut-out) at idle or when approaching a stop, a wild high engine speed of several thousand rpm followed by a drop to near zero, etc. • Dirty/sticking IAC (idle air control valve) (P0505)

What kind of air inlet system does cat C7 use?

With the ACERT design the smaller CAT C7 models used an air inlet system with multiple traditional wastegated turbos to boost air intake flow and pressure. The more midsized hp models used only a single turbo while the larger horsepower models used dual turbochargers working in conjunction for optimal airflow.

What’s the life expectancy of a cat C7 engine?

B10 is the average life expectancy of an engine measured in miles where 10% of the produced engines failed and needed a major overhaul. Consequently, B50 is the average miles where 50% of the engines failed. With the CAT C7 the B50 rating of 450,000-500,000 miles.

What are the fuel pressures on a cat C7 ACERT?

The fuel change dictated that the fuel system of the CAT C7 ACERT needed to change to a common-rail injection system. The new common-rail injectors took injection pressures to 25,000-27,500 psi. The fuel transfer pump supplies the fuel to the fuel rail at 280 psi.

What is the fuel delivery system on a cat C7?

The fuel delivery system on the CAT C7 is hydraulic electronically controlled unit injectors for the mid horsepower models and mechanically actuated and electronically controlled on the higher horsepower models. Both systems are metered and timed to inject multiple bursts of fuel to create a more efficient combustion cycle.

How to check a cat C7 loss of acceleration?

The best way to check is to inspect the IPR which in built inside the huei pump, and also pull the big plug on the pack of the cylinder head for the oil rail and catch the oil and inspect for metal and brass. I did not do a lot of them, C7’s but the 3126’s I did from day 1.

What’s the peak power of a Caterpillar C7?

It was a part of the “gear fast, run slow” strategy from Cat, which allows the engine to run slower at cruise speeds, translating into potential reduced fuel consumption. The 300 horsepower version produced peak power at 2,200 rpm with the torque peaking at 800 ft.lbs. at 1440 rpm.

What are the connecting rods on a Caterpillar C7 ACERT?

The connecting rods in the Caterpillar C7 ACERT are not forged, liked the CAT 3126, but consist of powdered metal with a fractured cap design. There are also various sizes and configuration of the connecting rods depending on the piston used in the engine.

How many miles is a caterpillar C-7 diesel engine?

The engines produced from 03′ to 06′ were known to have many issues as CAT changed manufactors that produced many engine parts. 36,000 miles isn’t alot of mileage, but CAT & Freightliner don’t always go by mileage they go by hours on the engine as well. if your warrenty was 5/100,000 than it is out of warrenty you may beout of luck.

What should I do if my cat C7 loses power?

It should bring up a code, loss of power, diagnostic usually starts, low boost, test the CAC, low fuel pressure, change the filters and be sure they are on properly, and the right ones, and proper pressure. The air system filter plugged, or exhaust. Turbo seized or malfunctioning, Valve set to tight.

What’s the top speed of a cat C7?

Top speed might be 35 – 40 mph. Need to kinda feather the throttle until the engine temp comes up to then it runs fine. See this thread……

How much does a Caterpillar C7 ACERT engine cost?

2010 CAT C7 Acert Diesel Engine, 370 HP, All Complete and Run Tested. $16,995.00 with Exchange. Fits To: CATERPILLAR, CHEVROLET, FORD, FREIGHTLINER, GMC / 1066, 122SD, 1750, 1955, 2110A, 2155, 2200, 2275, 2300, 2325;

What’s the problem with my Cat cooling fan?

A few weeks ago I had a problem with my 97 Volvo 3406E; the fan would not come on. So I put in a switch to turn it on when needed. Now i have this 2002 International with the opposite problem. The fan cycles off and on about every 3 minutes. 3 on; 3 off. It does this all the time. Weather idling, road speeds, or A/C on or off.

How often does the cat cooling fan cycle?

The fan cycles off and on about every 3 minutes. 3 on; 3 off. It does this all the time. Weather idling, road speeds, or A/C on or off. Engine temp never goes above 190*. Anyone have any ideas what is causing this?

Is there warranty on Cat C7 fuel pump?

Cat sells the pump and injectors as a kit and has great warranty as long as its installed by a Cat repair centre or Cat mobil repair, I had an issue 2 years later and Cat replace the complete kit again. what happens is the chrome starts pealing on the cam in the heui pump and the metal go’s though the fuel system and scores the injectors.

Are there any problems with the C-15 cat?

C-15 Cat Engine Problems. Discussion in ‘ Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ‘ started by dave_0755, Nov 4, 2010 . I’m hoping someone with knowledge of the C-15 can help.

What kind of truck is a Chevy C7500?

Chevy C7500, Duramax Engine, IMT 1015 3200lbs Crane, Railroad Package. 2004 Chevrolet C7500 Dump Truck for sale Has a 7ft bed with a electric tarp runs and drives great. NO Rust

When did the Caterpillar C7 replace the 3126?

In the second half of 2003, Cat released the replacement for the 3126 version, known as the C7. Once again, you can see the trend as demand rises. Whether the circumstance involves making more power or keeping compliant with growing emissions standards; in order to compete, things must change.

When to replace Cat C7 loss of acceleration?

If the pump will not build the specified pressure, then it gets replaced. If it is not building enough pressure, they may notice the gear is slipping on the shaft, and per Cat the pump should be replaced as this is a sign of partial pump seizure. There’s your problem.

What are the power ratings for a cat C7?

Power Ratings. The Cat C7 was available with the following horsepower ratings: 210, 230, 250, 275, 300, 330, 350 and 360 hp. Torque ratings ranged from 520 up to 925 lb-ft. The 201, 230 and 250 hp. ratings were available in either a low torque or high torque option. The choice of torque options allowed different transmissions,…

When to install cat C7 diesel performance chips?

10 Minute Install – UP TO 30% HP – 15% Fuel Savings ! NO FOOTPRINTS WHEN REMOVED – ON SALE NOW ! C7 ( 2001 – 2005 ) CAT Heavy Duty Truck Power Chip Diesel Performance Chips (SKU: CAT-C7-2001-2005-HD TRUCK)

What is the ECM code on a Cummins F650?

F650/750s with the Cummins engine and manula transmission may have an illuminated check engine light with diagnostic code 242. When this code is present, vehicle speed is limited to 45 MPH. There is an ECM software update available from Cummins Service Centers. Cummins Daily Note #DN070025; Ford Broadcast Message 7193.

What causes no start on 2004-2005 F650 / 750?

2004-2005 F650/750 No Start, No ECM/TCM Communications and/or Flashing Automatic Transmission Indicator: This may be caused by corrosion or poor connection in the power/ground circuits. The following connectors should be repaired: 2004 with Cat or Cummins engines: Connectors 9260 and 9261 2005 with Cat or Cummins: Connectors 1222 and 1047

What causes a stuck injector spool valve on a F650?

The above symptoms on F650/750 with the 6.0, or on LCF with the 4.5, when the engine is cold may indicate a sticking injector spool valve. To reduce the likelyhood of this condition, there is a revised program available for the ECM. This new program will actuate (buzz) the injectors for 30 seconds after the engine is shut off.

Why is my C7 ACERT cat hard to start?

The bottom sensor is the primary crank sensor. When it fails, the engine can be hard to start. By shooting in the engine, the RPM elevates high enough and the primary running sensor picks up the signal and the engine runs. Let me know if you need more help or have more questions. Experience: 23 Years Caterpillar Engine experience.

What should the PSI be on a C7 ACERT cat?

The C7 needs at least 25 psi to start. If it is low, you most likely have a weak transfer pump. If the pressure is Good, I would next suspect a faulty engine speed timing sensor. Your engine has 2. They are located on the driver’s side of the engine behind the front cover under the HEUI pump. The bottom sensor is the primary crank sensor.

What kind of engine does a caterpillar truck have?

Are you running a C Series Cat engine in your truck today? Many of these models debuted in the 2000s, including the C16 (2000), C7 (2003) and C13 (2004). Also launched in 2004 was the 625hp C15 engine, crowned the “King of the Hill” for its powerful performance in heavy-duty applications.

What kind of engine does a caterpillar C4500 have?

On C4500/C5500s, an 8.1L V8 was carried over from the previous generation, with a 6.6L Duramax V8 diesel replacing the Caterpillar 3116. Diesel engines were standard on C6500s and up, with the 7.8L Duramax LG4 inline-6 as standard, with a 7.2L Caterpillar C7 (a redesigned Caterpillar 3126) offered as an option.

When did Caterpillar stop making the C7 warrenty?

CAT & Freightliner are known to use any excuse not to honor the C7 warrenty since they stopped making highway rated motors 3 years ago.

How to find your Caterpillar engine serial number?

Caterpillar Serial Numbers, Prefix Identification – Depco Power Systems Find your Cat model by using this serial number prefix guide to easily identifyyour engine. Sorted for generators, industrial, marine and trucks Find your Cat model by using this serial number prefix guide to easily identifyyour engine.

What does a diagnostic code mean on a Caterpillar engine?

CAT Fault Codes | Caterpillar Engine Errors And Trouble Codes Cat Diagnostic codes are used by the electronic system in order to alert the operator that a problem exists. A diagnostic code also indicates the nature of the problem for you, and you can see what is the code meaning with CatFaultCodes.com service.