What was the year of the Yamaha Seca 750?

What was the year of the Yamaha Seca 750?

“For that, you have the Seca 750,” argued the folk in Cypress, California, Yamaha’s U.S. headquarters, referring to a genuinely nice motorcycle that was a touch too conservative for those who wanted to get a knee down in the corners. But the moto-magazines seemed quite irritated at the fact that the Euros had something we did not.

How much does a Yamaha Seca 650 weigh?

With a good, and preferably lightweight, rider on board, the bike could do a respectable quarter-mile in the 12s. The Seca 650 weighed only 500 pounds with five gallons of fuel in the tank, which was a selling point right there.

Where are the bearing caps on a Yamaha XJ 750 Seca?

Each cover bolt is shouldered, and bottoms in threaded steel inserts fitted into the bolt holes located in the head casting and the cam caps. Each cam is held by three bearing caps with what appears to be a fourth cap (on each cam, located next to the cam sprocket) actually serving only as a fastening point for the cam cover.

How many miles does a 1982 Yamaha Seca have?

1982 Yamaha Seca 750. Except for the new flawless paint, an all original survivor bike that is in incredible condition and runs perfectly. 18,320 original miles, original seat is flawless. Windshield is an aftermarket and very stable at high speeds. Have original 82 Yamaha manual and tool kit.

What kind of engine does a Yamaha 750 Seca have?

This is a 1984 Yamaha Seca with the inline 4 XJ750 original engine. It has the factory front faring (some pain chipping off) and the factory Tour hard backs. I also have the original manual and the Yamaha maintenance manual. This engine has proven rugged and dependable over the years. The engine has 37,265 miles, mostly country and highway miles.

Where was the XJ750 Seca 650 Maxim bought?

I was riding my bought new in Edmonton, 1981 650 Maxim when I spotted the brand new shiny black 750 Seca sitting on a small concrete pad used to showcase certain bikes. The Seca sported a red strip on either side of its cafe styled tank. It had just finished raining lightly, and water drops shimmered along its surfaced.

Is the Yamaha Seca XJ750 a good bike?

Yamaha Seca XJ750 1982Runs good – Starts Easy – Strong MotorNeeds Some work including: Carb Tuneup, Fork Seals, Check Brakes and perhaps more.Good TiresBrand New BatteryNew SeatNo DentsQuite of bit of rust and corrosion from exposure.