What year is 8th gen Civic?

What year is 8th gen Civic?

Honda Civic (eighth generation)

Honda Civic Eighth generation
Production 2005–2012 2006–2016 (China)
Body and chassis
Class Compact car (C)
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive

How much does a Honda CRX cost?

CRX Trims

Hatchback Original MSRP / Price Transmission
CRX 2dr Coupe 5-Spd $9,665 / $8,210 5-Speed Manual / 4-Speed Automatic
CRX 2dr Coupe Auto $10,265 / $8,720 5-Speed Manual / 4-Speed Automatic
CRX 2dr Coupe HF 5-Spd $9,400 / $7,985 5-Speed Manual
CRX 2dr Coupe Si $11,405 / $9,689 5-Speed Manual

When did the Honda Civic come out?

First Gen Honda Civic: 1973 to 1979 As a result of the 1973 oil crisis and the new 1975 EPA emissions standards, Americans searched for fuel-efficient vehicles over muscle cars. Cue the subcompact Honda Civic first year debut, which started as a coupe, hatchback, and station wagon.

When did Honda stop making the GL trim?

Stepping up to the GL trim brought a tach and clock on the inside and enhanced trim, radial tires, and a rear window wiper/washer on the outside. To celebrate the final year of second-gen Civic production in 1983, Honda dumped the 1500 GL trim and replaced it with the Civic S model.

What does the s stand for on a GLX?

The base model of this vehicle is indicated by its lowest trim level or LE. The next step up is the XLE trim level, which offers a more advanced climate control system, improved audio, navigation apps, and a power liftgate. The next trim level is the SE, in which S stands for “Sport.”

What was the new Honda Civic for 1994?

Safety features led the way for 1994 model year, with the Civic receiving a passenger-side front airbag across the lineup. Anti-lock brakes became optional on the top-drawer EX coupe, Si hatchback, and the new-for-’94 LX sedan, which slotted into the lineup between the DX and the top-dog EX.

What do the trim levels on a GLX mean?

SE: Sport Edition or Special Edition or Special Equipment; SL: Standard Level; SLE: Standard Level Extra; SLT: Standard Level Touring; SV: Special Version; XLT: Extra Level Touring

What was the slogan for the 1983 Honda Civic?

The slogan for 1983 Civic was We Make It Simple. A restyled saloon version of this model was also sold, badged as the Ballade. This model was also made under licence by British Leyland, badged as the Triumph Acclaim, featuring new front and rear styling, as well as a revised interior.

What are the specs of a 1990 Honda Civic?

1990 Honda Civic 1.4 GL (man. 5) (model for Europe ) car specifications & performance data review Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Honda Civic 1.4 GL (man.

When did the Honda Civic Si come out?

Compared to the previous generation, the Civic Si saw an improvement in handling, in part due to the double-wishbone suspension at all four corners and lower wind drag due to the sleeker body shape. As with all other trims, the Civic Si received a slight visual upgrade in late 1989, featuring revised bumpers and tail lights.

What was the wheelbase of the Honda Civic?

The design was closer aligned to its larger sister, the Accord and the car was generally more comfortable and sophisticated than the first generation Honda Civic. The wheelbase now measured 88.6 inches (2,250 mm) for the hatchback (the two-door “sedan” was dropped) and 91.3 inches (2,319 mm) for the wagon.