When did the GMC Jimmy model come out?

When did the GMC Jimmy model come out?

The Jimmy label was first used in the full-size truck released in 1970. The 1970 GMC Jimmy model and its Chevrolet K-5 Blazer counterpart were actually the predecessors of the 1983 models of GMC (S-15) Jimmy and Chevrolet S-10 Blazer. The Diamond version sported an aluminum-made silver plate, which goes around the lower portion of the SUV.

Is the GMC Jimmy a four wheel drive car?

The four-door GMC S-15 Jimmy was offered in both four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive variants. For the 1992 model year, the “S-15” label was removed from the GMC Jimmy.

When did the GMC Jimmy SLE come out?

The 1991 GMC Jimmy was a throwback to a better time. The design, originally introduced in the 1973 model year, was all truck and its square, upright design spoke volumes about American strength and power. Over the years, the design gradually evolved and towards the end of its product run even gained small touches of luxury.

Is the GMC S15 Jimmy still in use?

There was a time when just about every day of the week you’d see one (or several) S10/S15 Jimmy/Blazer examples driving around, doing middle-class America things because the Explorer didn’t exist yet. But on account of salt, rust, neglect, and the general “use it up” that happens to trucks in this country, that time is no more.

What kind of car is a 1984 GMC Jimmy?

This 1984 GMC Jimmy is the full-size 4×4 that has everything you want. That means a cool/custom style, a sharp-looking A/C interior, and plenty of big block power to go with its tall off-road prowe…

Is the 1972 GMC Jimmy a classic car?

Gateway Classic Cars of Fort Lauderdale is happy to present this tough looking 1972 GMC Jimmy. Yep, GMC, read on! This custom GMC 2WD looks cool with the red / black exterior and low stance. It w… More Info ›

How old is the GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic?

This 1984 GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic is one of the original suv’s, it has been in my family 35 years in the south, free from harsh salt roads, and under shelter most of its life and it’s condition sh… More Info › 1987 GMC “Jimmy” Custom!! 4×4 Sport Utility Show Truck!

How much does a GMC Jimmy classic cost?

Sam Keller attends the 30th Motor Muster, a weekend-long festival celebrating vehicles produced from 1933-1978. This Jimmy is on consignment with Whitmore Motors. This is in like new condtion. Price is $23,500 More Info ›